The Adland Podcast ep 9: Adpulp founder David Burn on the trades, the internet and paying people for their work

David Burn, the co-founder, editor and publisher of Adpulp, and I had a lively discussion about what it's like to create a media that predates the existence of Youtube, Twitter, and even Facebook. How much the advertising and media world has changed since. How Internet advertising keeps missing the absolute basics of marketing. How students need to grow a thick skin because your ideas will be shot down a thousand times over in this business, and it's nothing personal. The death of the holding companies. The trade magazines who are in bed with the companies they write about leaving us with no journalists properly reporting on our industry, and much more. We gossipped so much that I lost track of time, and if you want to see if you're mentioned you will simply have to give it a listen. You might be. We namechecked tons of people. 

Adpulp has also launched a Patreon subscription service, that helps pay for young emerging voices in our industry to write commentary for Adpulp. You should support this. Because heaven knows most banner ads do nothing for anyone. It's "digital debris" as David said.

The Adland podcast is available everywhere like at apple podcastsGoogle podcasts, on blubrry, at listennotes, at tunenin, on Spotify, and you can listen with the pocketcasts app too. 

The spiffy intro/outro tune is as always "(How to Keep Your) Husband Happy", by the Cosmopolitans, and is available on AmazoniTunesGoogle and the streaming service of your choice. 

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Years ago, I went to a Campaign drinks party. A journalist (hack) told me he’d only been at the rag a few months and he was loving it. He said he had been working for Plumbing bi-monthly. (or some other 'un-exciting' and completely unrelated periodical). But like many other writers, he just moved around.
“But at Campaign, you go to loads of great parties, get pissed for free and hook with ….”
I thought - and these are the people judging our creative work, giving us pick or turkey of the week - My mood deteriorated for the rest of the evening.