Barbie-Mania has taken over the world - and the internet!

We haven't quite seen mania like this since the Beatles. It's not surprising that the combined powers of Warner Bros. Picture and Mattel make this marketing onslaught feel unprecedented - it simply is. We've seen the Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse, in Malibu, available on AirBnB. We've seen Joybird furnishing's new Barbie collection, to Béis Barbie travel collection. Every food franchise under the sun seems to have a pink Barbie-themed new flavor, like Coldstone Creamery's Pink Cotton Candy to Swoon’s Barbie Pink Lemonade. Burger King's Pink Burger. Right now, everything is pink.

And now, even the internet has gone Barbiecore nuts. When you search for Barbie and Ken stars, you'll see pink stars, and eventually, the whole Google search page will turn various shades of pink.

We noticed - and tweeted - about this yesterday, and it's still going on. You can also search for "Barbie", "Ryan Gosling", "Greta Gerwig" and "Barbie movie". Note that Twitter is getting on in as well, with a funky "Barbie" hashtag.

Meanwhile, in France: the translation of the line on the Barbie poster is a little... Cheeky.

The line is: "She's everything.... he's just Ken." But the French moviegoing public was left in stitches because of the double-entendre in the phrase "Lui, c’est juste Ken".

It sounds just like "Lui sait juste ken", where "ken" is verlan for niquer which is to do the horizontal dance. In other words, the line's double meaning is "she can do it all; him, just fucking."

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