Lynx pays people for putting billboards in their homes, just as Hedvig home insurance did.

This is an interesting Badlander, it's the media itself which is the idea badlanded here.

Lynx has just announced they will pay people to use their homes as indoor ad space. The idea created by Lola MullenLowe, UK, involves people posting selfies on social media with branded pillows, shower curtains and yes, posters in the background. Each post scores some cash depending on how many people see it on social media. 

But wait! This wasn't the first "let's create a new media in people's homes" idea on the market. In February this year, the insurance company Hedvig (Sweden), announced that they were putting small billboards in student housing.

The billboard was advertising home insurance, and the idea was that they would be spotted on school Zooms, personal Instagram and quite possibly just through the window. 

- "We live in a time when our everyday life is largely spent behind closed doors. At the same time, our homes have become more public through all digital meetings. This campaign is created for a generation that has grown up with ad-blocks but at the same time has a more open attitude to advertising than older generations. The hope is that it will get attention both through Zoom and FaceTime - and through the window", said Sofia Gustafsson, art director at Hedvig in a comment to Resumé

So there you have it, advertising billboards have now entered peoples homes, a brand new media channel but not for long. Who will join Lynx body spray and Hedvig home insurance in this brave new media world? What brand or product category do you think will be a good fit next? 

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I like the new media idea, but that is also the ONLY idea. How the hell am I supposed to know that the Hedvig ad is about insurance? It's so bland.