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Cottonelle "T.P.S.A.' (2024) :15 (USA)

Ken Jeong wants you to know you've got the right to a better wipe.

“Is It __ Or Is It Menopause” - Versalie + Niece Nash-Betts

Versalie, a new, digital-first menopause platform has launched its first campaign with Niecy Nash-Betts

Jeremy’s Razors "The 2nd Greatest Commercial Ever" (2024) 3:20 (USA)

Tl; dr: if you want to support America with your razor choice, by Western Razor Co instead of Jeremy’s
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Kotex #ProgressFeelsLike (2024) 2:00

I have a few things to say about this advert, but I think you should watch it first, and let's see if we have the same reaction.

Phoenix - Multiple Positions / With New Super Bowl spot Phoenix Wants to Help Canadian Men ‘Rise Again’ (Canada)

Phoenix Official Super Bowl LVIII Commercial 2024 Multiple Positions

Dove campaign targets foreign tourists to question stereotypes created about women's bodies during Carnival in Brazil

The initiative brings messages in several foreign languages to the streets, aiming to combat the objectification of the female body by visitors

CeraVe Skincare - Michael CeraVe (2024) :30 (USA)

"I'm Michael Cera and human skin is my passion, which is why I developed this: Cerave." CeraVe made its Super Bowl debut in the first q

Pfizer - Here's to science (2024) :60 (USA)

Set to the most overused Queen song in superbowl ad history, Pfizer pans through museums where portraits of Galileo, Copernicus, Rosalind Franklin, Al

Cetaphil - "A New Sports Tradition for Dads & Daughters" (2024) :30 (USA)

The commercial by Cetaphil, called "Game Time Glow", cleverly combines skin care and football.

Dude wipes - Relearning to Wipe (2024) :30 (USA)

Regional ad

Dude wipes - Drop Your Drawers (2024) :30 (USA)

This silly little jingle is quite sticky, and a homage to all 80s advertising, with a bit of 90s Mentos sillyness thrown in for good measure.

e.l.f. cosmetics "Judge Beauty" (2024) :30 (USA)

Judge Judy presides over the case of buying cosmetics from other brands and wasting your money when e.l.f has alternatives.

Sephora - We belong to something beautiful (2024) - France

Check out the "diamond" and "pearl" makeup artists checking each other out. I kind of hope that was a Prince reference.

Dove - Hard Knocks / #KeepHerConfident (2024) :30 (USA)

If Dove really wants to #KeepHerConfident they could come out against allowing men to participate in women's sports.

Open Swim’s Bradley J. Ross Commandeers New Campaign Highlighting Real-Life Wellness Stories for Nutrafol

Open Swim’s Director and Founder Bradley J. Ross utilizes a bespoke model to fulfill Nutrafol brand’s need for varied content across channels.

NYX - Cardi B x NYX "That’s Suspicious… " (2024) :15 (USA)

Super bowl TEASER

e.l.f cosmetics "Jury Beauty" superbowl ad teaser (2024) 1:50 (USA)

Director: Adam Morse Ad agency: Google Creative Lab and Gut Miami

Voyager Delivers an Uplifting Campaign for Aspen Dental

The campaign was directed by Voyager’s Marcus Tortorici

Skincare Leader, DermapenWorld, and Agency of Record, Cutwater, Launch High-End, Global Campaign

All-New Brand Platform & Global Campaign for Skincare Leader

In Finland, Tampon for men aims to reduce gender dysphoria

So, here comes this news from Finland:


PRZM Launches New Campaign for Heritage Skincare Brand

Broken Heart Love Affair's surreal body horror film makes the case for heart over buzzwords

Toronto-based agency Broken Heart Love Affair created a surreal, funny, scary, and strangely emotional spot featuring a giant human heart.

Nutrafol’s Latest Campaign Launched for Fashion Week With Help From Open Swim

Open Swim's Bradley J. Ross and Director Duo Sacred Pact collaborate on Nutrafol campaign.

Intuity Medical and Agency of Record, Cutwater, Simplify Glucose Monitoring with Distinctive Campaign

Intuity Medical and Cutwater Launch All-New Brand Platform and National Campaign for the POGO Automatic®

Fresh Film’s Luiza De Moraes gets tricky for Degree with Nonstop Protection for Aaron Wheelz

Nonstop Protection for Aaron Wheelz

Maybelline's CGI-stunt with London buses with lashes and New York mascara buses has gone viral.

Maybelline has released two creative CGI films, one showing a silver mascara driving through New York, and the other showing London buses with eyelash
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Want to be an "assvertiser"? Cottonelle is looking for you!

Assvertising is back!

Durex - Pride in Israel - printad (2023) Israel

The print ad will be featured exclusively in the special LGBT magazine throughout Pride Month, serving as a visual symbol of unity and acceptance.

Eos Shave Cream - gives you skin so soft that foxes wear humans and dogs can't keep their paws off you.

Envision a world where dogs and foxes relish in stroking (and even donning) ultra-soft human skin.
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Huggies - For All Baby Butts (2023) :30 (USA)

Babies are cute. Dancing, wiggling, and running babies paired with bouncy camerawork and a catchy jingle cranks the cute up to eleven.

AXE - G.O.A.T. Mall (2023) :30 (USA)

The new AXE Fine Fragrance Collection. Smell finer than the finest fragrances with the G.O.A.T.

Barbasol. It's a Can of Can-Do. - WORK OF ART (2023) :15 (USA)

The barbasol shaving cream ad personifies the "can-do" spirit we all aspire to.
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EOS Unmanhandle your face

Just leave me alone.

Durex Intimate Gel - Tattoos (Israel) :60 (2023)

A lot of sexy steamy hot scenes where we know the women are having fun because even their tattoos show it by blooming - opening the shell to show the

P3 Missionen - Human candle statues warn of youth burnout (2023) (Denmark)

44% of Danish youth are feeling burned out
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Estrid - For Human Beauty (2023) :50 (UK)

Every single person in this ad is an activist of some sort, and a model, author, podcaster, content-creator, illustrator, and award-winning too, natur

e.l.f. Cosmetics - Jennifer Coolidge / Dewy baby dolphin teaser (2023) :30 (USA)

e.l.f. Cosmetics Gets Sticky With Jennifer Coolidge in Its First-Ever Commercial Debuting at the Super bowl.

Dexcom - Nick Jonas / Like Magic / G7 device (2023) :30 (USA)

Nick Jonas is back for the second Super bowl year in a row touting the magic of Dexcom, the glucose monitoring brand.

Anytime Fitness hijacks the Super Bowl LVII with Anytime Sweepstakes where you can win a trip to Anywhere

Any time that you here “anytime” during the Super Bowl you could win a trip to anywhere in the world.

The Glitch – Wie fühlt sich Alzheimer an / How does Alzheimer's feel? (2022) 2:21 (Germany)

This video takes a moment, because it needs to create the atmosphere and a full understanding of what it's like living with Alzheimer's.

Rinascente Spa “Believe in Wonder” (2022) :50 (Italy)

Then let Rinascente bring you on a journey into a magical world.

#BoycottTampax trends after ill-advised tweet, as brand Tampax doubles down on it.

This is the story of how Tampax torpedoed its own brand.

Docter Twins Imagine Mother Nature's Garden for Cold-EEZE & Defend-EEZE

“What does Mother Nature’s garden look like?

Sephora dares you to be yourself - "Believe in your wish!" (France)

For the holidays, Sephora unveils an emotional film full of hope, love, and joy to celebrate the infinite power of wishes

Boots - 'Joy For All' - (2022) :60 (UK)

A woman has magic glasses that reveal what everyone around her would like for Christmas, so each time she peers through them she finds the perfect Boo

Colgate’s latest campaign reveals the power in a smile in the face of adversity

Red Fuse, WPP’s integrated global team dedicated to serving Colgate-Palmolive, has launched a new brand film for Colgate’s Smile Strong campaign that

Native's Naughty & Nice New Holiday Campaign Brought to You by M/H & O Positive

Native, the P&G-owned personal care brand best known for its aluminum-free deodorant, is releasing a campaign today that is anything but tradition

Dylan Mulvaney has a paid partnership with Haus Labs, Lady Gaga's brand.

Dylan Mulvaney has a paid partnership with Haus Labs, Lady Gaga's brand.

Native's Naughty & Nice - Police stop short variant (2022) :30 (USA)

Native's Naughty & Nice New Holiday Campaign Brought to You by M/H & O Positive

Sanofi - The Flu - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (2022)

Advertising flu vaccines Fluzone and Flublok, a wolf sneaks through the city on his way to the hospital while wearing sheeps fur - a literal wolf in s
"Zoom in on that" Ulta

Ulta releases David Lopez interview discussing "Girlhood" with Dylan Mulvaney - receives prompt backlash and #BoycottUlta hashtag

When you are the leading brand with the largest market share of your niche, it makes sense to expand the market.

Symprove's fashion forward dresses, ‘Flatulence Frock’ and ‘Loo Roll Look’.

In September the world’s style mavens descended on London for Fashion Week. Then quickly onto Milan. And now to Paris.

Dua Lipa stars in new LIBRE fragrance TVC created by BETC Etoile Rouge

In the new campaign, Dua Lipa is directed by a woman for the first time: the award-winning Nigerian-British director Jenn Nkiru.
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Eno - Crying? No - Cara de Azia / Heartburn face (2022) :30 (Brazil)

"Everyone knows this guy, but no one understands why" Chorrindo?

19th & Park Produces Knockout Campaign for DevaCurl

Featuring a playful theme of celebration, the campaign will see 19th & Park deliver 13 key photographs – each centered on DevaCurl’s objective of

Symprove dream destination, Lootopia (2022)

Lisa Snowdon flushes away holiday gut worries by introducing the new Symprove dream destination, Lootopia

Venus "It's Time To Care (for your pubic hair)" 1:00 (USA)

Musical animated pubes in a candy-colored world.

Canesten - ‘The Truth, Undressed’ Vagina Academy educational platform

Analogfolk has created a new campaign for Bayer's Canesten brand of thrush medication.

BetterUp - Prince Harry / Transform with Mental Fitness (2022) 5:38 (USA)

What’s something you can do every day to strengthen your mind the same way you do your body?

FKA Twigs is a dancing seeress for Viktor & Rolf ‘Good Fortune’ Fragrance

We've seen FKA Twigs dancing for apple, here she dances for perfume.

VEET - OODYSSEY (2022) :60 (France)

To the sound of relaxing whistling music, we watch two pink round objects float around in the sky. Are they bubbles? Are they balloons?

YSL BEAUTY - Y Fragrance - The New Eau de Toilette / Lenny Kravitz (2022) 1:10 (France)

"To know where you're going, you need to know where you're from."

Wunderman Thompson & Unilever’s LUX Hack Virtual Assistants to Answer Back to Sexist Comments

As a brand that aims to empower women to fight against everyday sexism, LUX wants to call out the unquestioned nature of these exchanges and start a c

Dove : Toxic Influence / Dove Self-Esteem Project (2022) 3:48 (USA)

Dove has come up with a new experiment, and as an experiment I decided to watch this with my teenage daughter, to see how she reacted to the ad.

Midol - Comfort is Power (2022) 1:34 (USA)

"Every single month, without fail, we go on this rollercoaster"

Colgate - Smile Lines - print, France

Portraits of older people with smile lines.
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Estée Lauder: "My favorite part about being a woman is living in full color."

Estee Lauder decided today to highlight one of the people working for them, namely a scientist "My favorite part about being a woman is living in

Always - #RethinkYourReaction Help stop period shaming (2022) :30 (UK)

This advert is very simple, it shows how some people react, make faces, sneer or comment when girls bring out their pads.

Elvie “Smart Bodies” / feat. Eva Lazarus (2022) :60 (UK)

Leading femtech brand Elvie today launches a new global brand campaign in honor of International Women’s Day.

PG One and Vicks Honour Doctors and Healthcare Workers with the Moving Story of Dr Bhosale through the #TouchOfCare Campaign

Partnering with Vicks in its pledge to keep Dr Bhosale’s dreams of building a children’s hospital alive, PG One captures the tale of selfless sacrific

Keck Medicine of USC “Beyond” (2022) :30 (USA)

Today, Keck Medicine of USC, one of the leading academic medical health systems located in Southern California, announces the launch of its new campai

Milk + Honey United Makes Us “Feel Better” With a Joyful Brand Campaign for Rosemary Health

SYDNEY, March 4, 2022 — In a striking break from traditional healthcare marketing, independent creative company Milk + Honey United has unveiled a fre

Paola Kudaki Directs CoverGirl Campaign with New Ambassador America Ferrera

Directed by Believe Media’s Paola Kudacki, the spot offers a glimpse into Ferrera’s path to embracing her identity as a Latina woman, playful artist,

Skyn - Valentines day for everyone (2022) :30 (France)

This ad will run in UK, US, France, Italy, and Poland

Gilette - A Quick & Easy Shave (2022)

GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar
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Grammy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated artist, actress and producer Mary J. Blige

Hologic - "Her Health is Her Wealth" Mary J. Blige (2022) :30 (USA)

"I'm a strong believer that a woman's health is her wealth, and I'm proud to participate in this important campaign that puts that

Cue Health - Meet Cue a new smart device for your health (2022) :30 (USA)

After 10 years of groundbreaking science and technology, it’s time to welcome a new smart device to the house.


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