Jeremy’s Razors "The 2nd Greatest Commercial Ever" (2024) 3:20 (USA)

If you don't know the story, Jeremy Boreing (head of conservative media company Daily Wire) was really upset with Harry's Razors for pulling their ads. He was so furious he launched his own razor company.

But, as a lot of conservative Americans pointed out, their razors were made in China and were low quality.
With this new spot, Daily Wire is finally getting around to counteracting that negative sentiment.

This review is purely for the effectiveness of the ad and has nothing to do with their politics because their politics are what they are. Having said that, it would still take a few months to explain all the reasons why this Jeremy’s Razor commercial is a hard flop. But the biggest reasons are it's overly long, painfully unfunny and conceptually messy.

The spot begins with a man who is pretending to be the CEO of Daily Wire and Jeremy’s Razors. It’s not the real CEO, Jeremy Boreing, because the real Jeremy Boreing is white and this guy is black. Black Jeremy, as he is known, is played by Siaka Massaquoi, a conservative who was arrested on charges related to January 6th.

There are also two women who are standing behind the Black Jeremy. They are kind of like Muammar Gaddafi’s Revolutionary Nuns except with less purpose except to hand him a flamethrower. This is a callback to the original spot a year and a half ago that 90% of America never saw.

The real Jeremy Boreing shows up and after a bunch of close ups of unfamiliar people, another Daily Wire founder shows up: Ben Shapiro. We are treated to a fetid joke about Jews running Hollywood. can someone remind me what this commercial is for again?

Just as it seems all hope is lost and we will never get to the point, the Conservative pro-American razor company announces that although it was manufacturing its razors in China all along, it no longer does. They don’t explicitly say they are now being made in America, though so it's not the ta-da moment they were hoping for.

A minute and a half in, and there are more shenanigans and jokes that don't land. We then segue into an awkward lecture about how Liberal White Women make all the purchasing decisions for the family so that’s why advertising is bad. It might just be me but insulting a potential audience, while also going on the defensive to explain to your current audience that your razors aren't made in China any more seems a bit messy.

But I'm not an expert.

At one point, Ben Shapiro whispers into Jeremy Boreing’s ear “Think of all the razors you’ll sell.”

After pissing off your core base with crappy products and alienating anyone who isn't part of the culture wars my response is "to whom?"

Again -- if you want an actual American-made razor, buy Western Razor instead.

Ad agency: In-House

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