“Is It __ Or Is It Menopause” - Versalie + Niece Nash-Betts

Historically, menopause marketing has only targeted people currently experiencing (peri)menopause but Versalie is looking to change that by working to educate women on (peri)menopause symptoms before they happen, so they don’t have to wonder - “Is It __ Or Is It Menopause”.

More specifically, Versalie is a resource with 12 menopause experts (their website lists them as including OB-GYNs, nutritionists, psychologists, sex therapists, endocrinologists, and menopause clinicians.) who are on hand to demystify the experience. Women can schedule virtual visits and shop for menopause symptom support as well.

The campaign launch is comedic and informed with Nash-Betts playing herself in dual roles. One has no idea what she's experiencing or why, while the other is much more informative and all too aware of the situation.

"Misplaced Anger," suggests her missing keys aren't the reason for the outburst of anger.

"French Fry Foil," tackles the sudden digestive issues that may occur.

In "Sleep no more," she wants to blame the phone keeping her up.

And my favorite of the lot is "Just Following Up." Is it the grind or the menopause? When she says "Oh no, I am way too young for--" and then cuts herself off with that laugh. Gets me every time.

Smart and insightful. It goes to show you can make great ads for anything.

Creative Agency: Superbloom
Director: Candice Vernon

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