Amnesty - The land of the unfree / “You’re Not Free” Challenging US Supreme Court Abortion Decision (2022) 1:30 (Norway)

Amnesty International is launching a global campaign asking you to sign the petition to stop the roll back on abortion rights in the USA.
The film shows the different situations of different women and girls, each facing the consequence of strict abortion laws. One is a teenager, another is a mother with several children, and a third may have found some terrible news about her pregnancy as she stares at the ultrasound screen with concern. What each woman is going through is barely telegraphed in order for the viewer to fill in the blanks. A really stark rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” plays as we career to the end of the film where the super “You’re Not Free” followed by “When You Can’t Decide Your Own Future" writes us all on the nose. 

The video, created by Norwegian ad agency Anorak, was launched June 24 and is currently trending on TikTok, having received 3.3 million views in the first 48 hours. It has been liked 939.5k times, shared 77.7k times and has prompted more than 12.7k comments.
“The hope for the campaign is to help Amnesty put pressure on those in power and all Americans in general and give them an opportunity to reflect on whether they can still call themselves ‘the Land of the Free,’” says Peter Power, a copywriter at Anorak, who was part of the creative team.
The campaign will run on digital and social in more than 10 countries, across multiple continents, and has been translated into six languages, including - oh the irony - Chinese.

“The unthinkable has happened, and there is an urgent need to create international pressure, especially in the 22 states that have passed laws that completely or partially prohibit abortion,” says Camilla Kolverud, Amnesty fundraising and marketing manager at Amnesty International in Norway.


Creative: Lars Holthe

Creative: Peter Power

Creative: Stein Simonsen

Client Director: Janne Espevalen

Project Manager: Camilla Von Borcke

Brand Activation: Klaudia Lech

Designer: Catrine Kooyman

Motion: Erlend Dal Sakshaug

Motion: Nökkvi Thorsteinsson



Marketing and Fundraising Manager: Camilla Kolverud

Advisor: Kristine Djuvik Kro

Com Director: Sindre Stranden Tollefsen

Com Adviser: Varin Hiwa


Production Company: B-Reel Films

Director: Nicolina Knapp
Director-assistant & SAD: Viviana Figueroa
Executive Producer: Anisa Dzindo
Producer: Fiffi Kjell
Producer: Kim Jansson
DOP: Andreas Johannessen
Set Designer: Angelica Nyman
Stylist: Liselotte Bramstång
MUA: Danella Ericsson 
MUA: Angelique Karlsson 

Editor: Emma Backman 
Colorist: Joakim Rissved 
Sound Design: Ponytail 
Online: Joakim Andreasson 


Music agency & Executive Producer: Ohlogy

Artist: Emilie Nicolas

Artist Management: Little Big Sister

Music Producer: Nils Martin Larsen

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Chris Hunter's picture

Killing equals freedom. Odd definition of amnesty.

Xoxo's picture

Forcing doctors to let women die is not freedom.

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Norway is so well known for all the women who die there as abortions are banned after week 12.

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Does Norway let the EU dictate their abortion laws?

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No, and in Norway, you can only access abortion until week 12. After that you presumably let the women die like the poster above says.

Dabitch's picture

Norway, in Scandinavia, is part of the European continent, but not part of the economic and political union called the EU. So no, the EU has zero say over anything happening in Norway.

Sport's picture

Am I the only one who finds this to be quite cynical? This production must have been in the works as soon as the Dobbs v. Jackson memo leaked showing that Roe could be overturned. So over in Norway, where the country itself has decided on their own abortion laws (and some have campaigned to increase the weeks for free abortion back in '21 but were voted down), they make this well directed piece of FUD. For Amnesty in Norway. This looks like award bait to me.
The majority of European countries has stricter time limits on abortion than the individual states in the US, and the EU representatives for each country have voted against the EU being able to dictate abortion laws - just like the current situation is in the US where the laws are now up to the states.