Anything But Cute ad sparks controversy

A spot that is part of the Anything But Cute campaign by BBDO Detroit for the new Dodge Caliber compact is causing a bit of a ruckus among gay advocates. The ads were created to target 25-35-year olds with "edgy", "off-color humor". Chrysler has received a number of complaints calling the spot stereotypical and "a cheap shot", although they have no plans to pull the ad. SuperAdgrunts, check out the spot here

"I think it's a cheap shot," said Kathy Ervin, a Manistee mother of a lesbian. "It seemed to me to be a broad caricature of the kind of stereotypical behavior people have in mind about gay people, flouncing and a little over the top." [snip] "We're kind of surprised that people are making a conclusion about someone's sexual orientation based on the clothes they're wearing," said Suraya Bliss, a Chrysler spokeswoman. "This guy looks pretty gay to me," said Jeffrey Montgomery, executive director of the Detroit-based Triangle Foundation, a civil rights organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. "I'm willing to believe they didn't intend it to be a gay man, but I don't believe they're shocked someone would draw that conclusion."

Commercial Closet reviewed the ad saying:

"It directly finds humour with the term fairy, referring not just to the type that flies around with a magic wand, but also the universally recognisable gay stereotype of an effeminate gay man."

Check out the other ad in the campaign,Moon Dog, here

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caffeinegoddess's picture

Offensive or not...this ad is anything but "edgy".

claymore's picture

Looks like he got turned into an 80s preppie to me. No self-respecting gay dude would even consider wearing that pass

Dabitch's picture

Like Claymore I thought the dude was turned into an obnoxious 80s ivy leugue preppy boy. Gay? Naaah. Though I hear that a lot of things get buggered up at Ivy legue schools....

AnonymousCoward's picture

Iit sounds like Jeffrey Montgomery is the one stereotyping gays, not Dodge

AnonymousCoward's picture

Gays need to GROW THE HELL UP. Part of being accepted in society is your own acceptance that other people will occasionally make fun of you. I don't get mad when people claim they've been "Jewed" out of extra money at the bargaining table through previously undisclosed fees. Get a clue.

The slogan for this product should be "it's so not gay". That would be much more viral; it would undoubtedly get more publicity and sell more cars, and since most networks would undoubtedly pull the commercial after a few days when the hate mail got knee deep, you'd even save money on air time.