The cheating Coke guy is back for Pepsi Max in the super bowl ads

See that face? See that "Oh RLY?" Yeah, that's what I'm thinking right about now. Really? We're doing the cheating Coke guy again?

Look, we've loved the cheating Coke guy, almost as much as I'm sure the actor has, his steady boomerang-gig always returning when there's a super bowl and someone insists to go back to the ads of yore*. Super bowl 1996 when he was caught on CCTV sneaking a Pepsi was unexpected and pretty hilarious. And unlike the big boombastic ads it was competing with, it was a very simple idea, making it memorable. Not memorable in the Gatorade Dog "huh?" way though.(In hindsight, that dog ad should have made it bigger than it did, as it was a total zig-zag. Shame. But I digress.)

Back to the cheating Coke guy. And Regis Philbin. Who is "back". Like cockroaches after the last H-bomb this guy will never go away will he? Cheating Coke guy is in the supermarket buying himself a Pepsi Maxx instead of Coke Zero and as it turns out, he is the X-thousand customer, granting him Pepsi Maxx for life. Yes, it is that unfunny.

You know, when a Coke driver actually has been fired in real life for drinking Pepsi on the job, while Britney Spears can forego Pepsi for Coke and shave her head as many times as she wants while still cashing that million dollar check, it gets a little less funny somehow. Might be just me. But then perhaps I'm just a little annoyed that we're still doing the "safe" solution for superbowl ads. I guess this guy has become Pepsi's Clydesdales. God forbid.

The older ones, to refresh your memory. Pun not intended, but hey it was there so I'm leaving it. Deal.

Pepsi Diner from 1995 Super Bowl commercials

Repeated in Pepsi Diner 2.0 in 2010.

* Note to the ones who want to point out that it is not, in fact the same actor.. We know. Here's a penny. Go out and buy yourselves a sense of humor.

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Does Coca Cola allow this in Pepsi's TV ads.?