Coinbase - QR Code ad (2022) :30 (USA)

A very new wave version of "I want money" plays as a QR code bounces around the screen, and this ad was so effective it crashed the app. You see, if you checked the QR code it would lead you to Coinbase and the chance of winning 3 million dollars in bitcoin.

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Audience engagement, more like audience participation! A very clear call to action. A touch of DVD retro feel. This ad was great in so many ways.

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This was brilliant. SO different from the rest. It's brilliant since Coinbase captured our attention by standing out and delivering an ad unlike anything else and then they took it a step further and got us to scan the code so they could track exactly how many people went down their rabbit hole. Kudos.

Amanda P's picture

A bouncing QR code. So yes, it got my attention and stayed at the top of my attention for the night, but feels a bit gimmicky at the same time. No art to it at all. No storytelling. Just a bouncing QR code.

Karen C's picture

Seriously everyone around me scrambled for their phones. They won the super bowl. I can't wait to see the case study where they brag about how many people clicked on the link and crashed the website.

Mister T's picture

Meh, it's an ad for ad agencies. Gen pop wants story, narrative that is funny or touching.

Anonymous Adgrunt's picture

Smartest Ad ever run in superbowl history? Yes! I imagine they had the best conversion rate ever for a TV ad. I've joked QR codes came back in style, and this is a perfect blend of smart-geek-humor.

Neo's picture

The call to action had so many million people checking the QR code it CRASHED THEIR SITE! That is the biggest fail here, pay seven million dollars for an ad but can't make sure that your website can handle the traffic.

Anonymous Adgrunt's picture

I actually hated this ad. But then when I saw the Coinbase CEO on Twitter brag that no agency could have done this ad, I hate it even more.