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FIOS "Good neighbor" (2017) 1:00 (USA)

In this spot which premiered during the Emmys, one of the stars on Stranger Things is a "helpful," neighbor who tells everyone about FIOS. Even Gaten Matarazzo's, charm can't help this spot as he is forced to deliver unnatural lines like "Fios is a fiber optic network that can move insane amounts of data at ridiculous speeds."
Matarazzo comes across as less of a good neighbor and more of an annoying salesperson who is sure to mention the product name three times. Perhaps the strangest thing (sorry) about this spot is that the adults aren't even convinced at the end of it. They're all staring at him in confusion wondering When did this walking talking brief move in to their neighborhood.
Oh well. At least the kid's making some money.

Diego Scotti: EVP & CMO
Andrew McKechnie: SVP, CCO
Kristin Rooney: VP Creative VCM & New Product
Sandra Ciconte: Director, Brand Creative
Sharon Warren: Marketing Manager
Michael Shapiro: Marketing Manager
Valerie Light: Broadcast Production
Brendan O’Malley: Broadcast Production

McCann NY:
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Dan Donovan & Mat Bisher: Executive Creative Directors
Sherrod Melvin & Jeremy Pippenger: Group Creative Directors
Jason Marsen: Group Creative Director
Alexei Beltrone: Creative Director
Dominic Whittles: Executive Account Director
Jason Kolinsky: Group Account Director
Hugo Takacs & Alba Berdala: Account Directors
William Powers: Account Supervisor
Shirley Mok: Account Executive
Gert Stepan: Assistant Account Executive
Hovannes Moussati: Business Manager
Eva Pipa & Lauren Bauder: Integrated Producers
Michele Ferone: Director Verizon Broadcast Production

No6 (Editorial):
James Duffy: Editor
Jason McDonald: Editor
Laura Molinaro: Producer
Corina Dennison: Executive Producer

Charlex (Video Production):
Ben Famiglietti: Producer
Alex Jarmen: Executive Producer

Henry-Alex Rubin: Director
Patrick Milling Smith: Co-Founder
Brian Carmody: Co-Founder
Drew Santarsiero: Executive Producer
Andrew Colón: Chief Operating Officer
Leah Allina: Producer

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Mix Engineer: Paul Weiss
Audio Producer: Patrick Sullivan

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Barry Feterman's picture

Was the scene where the "Stranger Things " kid is explaining fios in front of the "blurry house "green screen?"
The lighting looks very weird to be outdoors.

Dabitch's picture

? hahahaha walking talking brief - that's exactly it ? And yes it does look like greenscreen. Everything is off.

Coach's picture

You guys are worried about the green screen?? Never mind that, listen to the kid speak. It's almost as if the writers of the script wrote this to accentuate the kids lisp. I had to call an ambulance the first time I saw this because I couldn't breath from laughing so hard!

The WB's picture

This was filmed entirely on my block in Brooklyn, and all of the houses on-screen (including my own) are in the right place. This is not green-screened, as strange as the lighting is.

kidsleepy's picture

Then they did a poor color pass on it, I guess.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Well What Neighborhood was in filmed in
Dyker heights?

AnonymousCoward's picture

Ditmas park!!

MIssADvertising's picture

@Coach, I bet you good money that was intentional.

Debo 's picture

This commercial is taken from the burbs movie!!!!!!!!mimmicking it

Cheryl Wasserman's picture

This ad is annoying.....both new ones. The boy is mumbling through his message and not likeable. You can do better!!!!

Paul in Richmond Hill's picture

Great Location Love the Neighborhood where was it Filmed

Ann T's picture

So glad others are also annoyed by this busy body kid. I've never watched "Stranger Things". Is he as annoying in that? He speaks as if he has marbles in his mouth. And I feel like "Who asked you?!"

snowmama's picture

ok so maybe you all should check out some information on him instead of bashing the way he speaks...I'm not saying anymore, google his name and find out why he speaks the way he does.....I'm surprised nobody ever taught any of you not to make fun of people, someday you could all be punished for it.

kidsleepy's picture

The article isn't bashing the way he speaks.
The article is bashing the copywriter who wrote the dialogue which turned the kid into a shill. There is zero reason to these types of phrases in every day conversation. There are used car salesmen who sound less pushy and believable. It should be more than obvious that's what the article is referring to.

The WB's picture

Re: neighborhood, this was shot in West Midwood (across the B/Q tracks from Fiske Terrace and across the freight tracks from Midwood proper).

Dabitch's picture

@snowmama , I know Gaten Matarazzo has cleidocranial dysplasia which affects his teeth. There are some commenters above mocking his lisp, but we stuck to mocking the sales pitch, not his delivery of the wooden lines.

@WB, West Midwood looks like a really nice neighborhood.

AntDude's picture

I want FIOS, but Frontier and Verizon said unavailable in my past and current homes. :(

StaciaBee's picture

I think he is a super annoying nerd.