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sela Francis, would-be copywriter
Here comes another Nike ad, I thought. Slow motion telephoto shots
of athletes with quivering cheeks, supreme effort,pain, etc.Except it ended
with the McDonald's logo. Is Wieden & Kennedy selling off unused ads?
The interesting thing about ripoffs of Nike ads is that they cannot possibly
work. The genuine Nike ads seldom mention the word "Nike" usually
they just show the swoop at the end. Nike owns the "serious sport"

image by explicitly avoiding a blatant selling message. The many imitations
merely conjure up Nike's name, since that is what we've been conditioned
to expect. What were the imitators thinking? Not only have they stolen
an idea, but they end up helping their intended victim.

Amy Roy
it's Nike swoosh, not swoop! But otherwise--cool site!

MAck the Knife
It seems all ads are Nike ads in the states...Right down to McDonalds
"we are proud sponsers of the olympics" in Atlanta..Do they actually
think we will belive these buff Atheletes EAT BURGERS? That is sad!

Amanda..Not Melrose

That commercial with the athelete being sick makes me sick...

Rick Diamant
Has anyone seen the new Nike commercials, starring lots of fast people
in group therapy? The therapist is Jan Hooks, and she is trying to get
the people in therapy to feel good about themselves, even though they're
fast. So far, they've focused on track star Michael Johnson, and baseball
speedster Kenny Lofton, but also seen are Gail Devers, and a Fed Ex deliveryman!
I think they're pretty funny, and have just the right understated touch.
I've seen two so far, I expect there will be more since I don't expect
they paid Ms. Devers only for the 2 seconds of air time she's gotten so

I agree completely. These are truly great commercials. Who knew Michael
Johnson and Kenny Lofton had such acting talent?

I would like to see one where one of the
"anonymous others" is featured, like the Japanese chef, the Domino's
Pizza guy, or the FedEx delivery man. That would make a nice counter-point
to the star power of the people we know by name. When's the last time you
saw a big time star in a commercial strictly as an extra, or a background

This sort of reversal would go very well
with the theme of this series.

Hey! Im looking for the commercial Good vs. Evil. Its a Nike soccer
commercial and it aired awile remember it! Its the one with the
demons and the humans playing soccer and then the human guy flips his collar
up and blows a hole in the demon goalie with the soccer ball...anyway,
Im looking for it in any form...thanks

Howard Tung
Just wanted to start a list of everyone's favorite recent tv commercials....

1) Dodge - the famous glass panes commercial
that features red Dodges morphing through glass windows.

2) Nike - the Jordan ad that shows
him breaking to the hoop in slow motion....meanwhile, everyone watching
on their tv's stop whatever they're doing and watch's as if the
whole world is standing still while Jordan does his move...very cool operatic
music and dark lighting also add to the appeal.

3) Snickers - the Gheorge Muresan cologne
ad... 4) Nissan - the Top Gun diving birds led by none other than Cliff
Claven! 5) Snickers - the Batman ad...

Adlands Host
Couldn't agree with you more, That slo-mo Jordan ad is magic.
Haven't seen the other ones that you're talking about tho..

Nike -- shoe of choice for space travel

How do you think Nike liked all
the free advertising it got this past week with the Heaven's Gate group?
All you could see in the pictures were the Nike swoosh sticking out from
under the blankets.

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