MTN's internet service does more than just provide internet. It provides an imaginative little boy the information he needs to build an amateur radio that can broadcast to a space station. Really nice story telling here. The boy's astronaut bedding is a subtle but honest touch.
By the way, this isn't a fictional spot. Over 1.5 million amateur radio operators are talking to each other across the world-- and yes, even to those in space, too.

Brand: MTN Group Agency: MetropolitanRepublic South Africa Brand Representative (client): Jen Forrester (Group Marketing Executive), Nicola van Ast (Senior Manager: Global Brand) Executive Creative Director: Paul Warner Creative Directors: Candice Hellens, Moira-Gene Sephton Gous Agency Producer: Nicola Martin Art Director: Moira-Gene Sephton Gous Copywriter: Candice Hellens Director: Michael Middleton Cinematography: Michael Middleton Producer: Janet Sender Production Company: Jump Films Editor: Kobus Loots (Upstairs Post Production) Audio Engineer: Lorens Persson (Sterling Sound) Music Composition: Kevin Smuts (Kevin Smuts Music) Visual Effects: Sinister Studios Visual Effects Supervisor: Christian van der Walt Lead Animator: Rob van den Bragt