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Where the f%*cking hell are yous Tourism Australia?

Excellent! Tourism Australia has objected to Daniel Ilic's spoof of their "Where the bloody hell are you?" Ad. It's Front Page on the Sydney Morning Herald site - "A comedy writer has been forced to take down an online spoof of the controversial "where the bloody hell are you" TV ad after legal threats.

Dan Ilic, 24, produced a parody of the ad, changing the jingle to "Where the f---ing hell are you?" and inserting negative images of Australian life.

The video was viewed about 30,000 times on video website youtube.com. However, Mr Ilac removed it from his website, Downwind Media, after complaints from Tourism Australia, which last week described the ad as "mean spirited and humourless".

ad inside.

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So where the °#ßå*#ø hell are you!? - first instance of this film posted on Adland.


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If only adland.tv was mentioned as often as youtube...... Tourism Australia have no sense of fun.

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Yeah there is still a strong wowser element in Orstraya. That's why we still have that Bush babe Howard as P.M. and why we are not a republic. They've done Danny boy a big favour though. He must be laughing his head off. Made that flick in a day.

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Is anyone else getting bloody sck of the where the bloody hell are you ad? ;) Downwind Medias spoof was the saving grace of this not-so-hot ad, leave it be!
Yeah, Mr Bernbucks, if only.

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Jesus, Bernbucks...I have a link to ad-rag on the first piece. I will now go and put another one up on the second piece (both on my front page) just to please his lordship. And here's more from the Herald and Adnews- http://blogs.smh.com.au/business/archives/2006/03/tourism_bosses.html

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Sorry about that, Chief.

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I didn't mean you Malkie66, I mean the Sydney Morning Herald which you quote there. :) But all links are good!

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peace Malkie66.

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Blair even jokes about the ad and UK bannage here.

"We got there in the evening. I literally have not stopped since I got off the plane with meetings and attending events at the (Commonwealth) Games and so on, and here I am in the Australian Parliament building at what I think is something like 4 o'clock in the morning back in the UK so I'm kind of thinking, 'So, where the bloody hell am I?"' Associated Press reports Mr Blair as saying.

"I may of course be arrested for that back home," he quipped.

Britain's Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre backed down and allowed the ad to be shown on television after a campaign by Tourism Minister Fran Bailey

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When it jumps the (Aussie) shark?