Announcing the domain on's developers blog.

SvD (Svenska Dagbladet) had me interviewed as part of a series where they ask web developers and site creators a handful of questions including "what's the most interesting thing on the net right now?" 

The interview is here on Utvecklingsbloggen "Åsk Wäppling" 

Here I prove that nobody looks good in wide-angle lenses and that Swedish indeed sounds like bork bork bork.

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Since I don't speak Swedish, this was almost only a chance to hear you pronounce your name, and to hear what your voice sounds like - even though, you're right, it sounds like bork bork bork. :-) [In my head, your voice was slightly higher pitched than this recording - but only a tiny bit].

I was able to run the printed text from the website through a translator program (Babylon), but it only translates a sentence at the time. And of course, it could only translate the printed text.

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