Sweden's banks get together to teach you how to be "hard to fool" - Svårlurad.

Sweden's banks have come out with an information campaign called "Svårlurad" - which means "hard to fool".

"Lusseballe" - Pressbyrån kiosks launch a very silly twist on the classic saffron bun, making it saffrons 'balls'

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in Sweden. Early detection can significantly increase the chances of recovery.

Dandy creatives rejoice - Calle Sjönell has launched "Man-Scarf" a curated shop for spiffy scarves

The man scarf - it's a creative director kind of thing.

Malmö city creates exhibition with new Swedish flags, ”Nya svenska flaggor”

There are residents from 186 different countries in Malmö. The city has adopted new Swedish flags that represent its multicultural identity.

Theme park Liseberg halts all advert-teasing against Gröna Lund after fatal accident.

Liseberg stops all advertising after Sunday's fatal accident at Gröna Lund.

Gröna Lund cancels "also for cowards" advertising campaign with Joel Kinnaman after deadly accident.

Gröna Lund has decided to halt its advertising campaign for the theme park.

Pressbyrån and Reporters Without Borders recreate the voice of imprisoned journalist Dawit Isaak on World Press Freedom Day

Pressbyrån and Reporters Without Borders highlight the importance of free speech again this year on World Press Freedom Day, the 3rd of May.

Yabie payment systems and Animal create a digital campaign that changes in realtime to sell leftover baked goods.

Yabie make a holistic point-of-sale system and payment terminal that you can set up right on your phone or tablet.

Liseberg - LUNA new rollercoaster (2023) :20 (Sweden)

Liseberg teases their new "Luna" rollercoaster with this trailer.

Lindex kids "Designed For Play" (2023) :30 (Sweden)

A celebration to kids and their go-to partner in their everyday play – the garments.

Sandvik - ”The call to inaction” - case study - Stendahls (Sweden)

“Call to inaction” skyrockets participation in Sandvik’s recycling program

adidas x ramadan - From sunup to sunset / Från soluppgång till solnedgång (2023) 1:45 (Sweden)

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HORNBACH WERKSTÜCK - The Green Hidaway char - Designed by Front, Built by you (2023)

DIY chain HORNBACH and its new build-yourself WERKSTÜCK edition gives you a seat in nature without leaving your home

SL public transport in Stockholm, challenges cars with attitude in new campaign.

The Public transport in Stockholm, SL, challenges the flexibility of car travel in an extensive campaign.

Gröna Lund - Get a FUN job this summer (2023) :30 (Sweden)

Välj ett riktigt ROLIGT JOBB i SOMMAR! Välkommen till Gröna Lund.

Christmas lights for 24 murdered women - Alla Kvinnors Hus (All Woman’s House)

In this year's Christmas campaign Sweden's largest women's shelter – Alla Kvinnors Hus (All Woman’s House) – sheds new light on the dea

Gröna Lund - Winter Wonderland! (2022) :30 (Sweden)

Come and celebrate the winter season at Gröna Lund!

ATG v75 - What excitement feels like (2022) :90 (Sweden)

With a bit of magical realism, subtle sound design, and poetic images, this work aims to capture the excitement of betting on horses.

Läkerol - Makes people Talk - Rousing speech (2023) :45 (Sweden)

The Läkerol brand has used the slogan "Makes people talk" since 1993, and it is well-known internationally for its humorous commercials.

While Iranian women risk their lives protesting the compulsory hijab, Mathem in Sweden runs ads with a hijab-clad model.

Adding a bit of diversity in your ads by choosing models from minorities has been a go-to move by most brands for the past decade, but it's begin

Gröna Lund - Halloween på Gröna Lund! (2022)

Halloween med kvalitetssäkrad skräck! Vågar du möta dina värsta mardrömmar?

Political party MED are returning voters' money - in cash!

On Nya Torg in Höör, Anna Jung and her party mates from Medborgerlig Samling stood today and handed out a hundred notes to surprised Höör residents.

Liberalerna / The Liberals - Frihet måste försvaras / Fredom must be defended (2022) :90 (Sweden)

Election film for the Liberal party 2022.

Alternativ för Sverige / AfS - Alternative for Sweden election film (2022) 4:00 (Sweden)

Yes, settle in, it's yet another Swedish election ad.
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Badland: Sweden Democrats copy a 30 year old beer ad for their election song - edit by edit.

We have an interesting IP tiff in the political advertising landscape in Sweden right now.

Sweden Democrats covered a train with ads - and were reported for "inciting hatred against ethnic groups"

Sweden Democrats don't generally do well when they advertise in the subway-underground-metro system of Stockholm.

Sweden Democrats "So much stronger - Make Sweden great again" election song 2022

Så mycket starkare - Sverigedemokraternas vallåt 2022 - Gör Sverige bra igen

Vänsterpartiet / The Left Party - Who acts when others just talk? (2022) :90 (Sweden)

Vänsterpartiet / The Left Party has arrived on the scene with this year's election ad!

Social Democrats - "Our Sweden can do better" election film / Vårt Sverige kan bättre – Rösta på Socialdemokraterna

Vårt Sverige kan bättre – Rösta på Socialdemokraterna

Stockholm agency "Familjen" reframes car slogans for public transportation. - print

Car slogans. They will promise you the world. Like Acura: "The road will never be the same"
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Pressbyrån runs print ad with all teh letrets srcabmled up to amke a point about reading skills.

Pressbyrån in Sweden, a place to pick up magazines, newspapers and snacks ran this ad in a few Swedish tabloids 

The KD youth party in Sweden are campaigning on the beach, gain more press as the strategy is accused of being sexist.

It's an election year in Sweden, which means all the parties are fighting for everyone's attention.

Miljöpartiet / The Green Party - Election Film / Alla ska med när Sverige ställer om (2022) :40 Sweden

Alla ska med när Sverige ställer om.

Gröna Lund - The funnest place in the galaxy! (2022) :20 (Sweden)

Gröna Lund - Galaxens roligaste plats!

Gröna Lund - Alien on the rollercoaster (2022) :30 (Sweden)

The alien, who has come to Gröna Lund because it's the funnest place in the galaxy, tries to enter a ride but is informed that he's too shor

LO - The whole answer / The Nurse and the Security Guard (2022) :60 (Sweden)

LO, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation, has created this ad that not so subtly tells everyone to vote for the Social Democrats.

Gröna Lund - The funnest place in the galaxy / High drop (2022) :25 (Sweden)

Galaxens roligaste plats! 🚀🌍

Asylum agency in Sweden runs targeted campaign at the Russian embassy in Stockholm

The asylum agency offers support to all employees at the embassy who want to drop out and seek asylum with this new poster campaign, written in Russia

Wearable Grapes - the designer bag of leftover grape skins

Unwasted is a collaboration overarching the wine and fashion industries to turn two cons into a pro.

Memo to advertisers using stock hands, don't color the palm black it's super weird.

Once again an advertiser has found themselves in hot water for making a weird hand using stock images.

Mass Hypnosis in the cinema at Göteborg Film Festival

Göteborg Film Festival launches The Hypnotic Cinema – a mind-bending experiment where visitors are challenged to lose control in the cinema by being h

Stockholm Film Festival poster banned for using Pedro Almodóvar's lactating nipple image

Pedro Almodóvar's most recent movie, Parallel moms, has quite the eye-catching (heh) poster.

Gillette Venus - Canvas of Light (2021) case study (Sweden)

Only 1 in 5 women feel that their skin type is represented in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle media.

Volvo Trucks - Dogs / Joyride (2021) :50 (Sweden)

Ever go on a road trip and count the dogs hanging out of the windows just chillin'?

Krisinformation.se - Thank you for doing your part (2021) Sweden

Tack till dig som har visat omtanke om andra. Fortsätt kämpa hela vägen fram.

B-Reel Signs Swedish Director Stina Lütz

B-Reel is thrilled to welcome Swedish filmmaker Stina Lütz to their talented roster for U.S.

Polestar - Art for Art (2021) 2:00 (Sweden)

ACNE and Polestar created "art for art", a way to get the last Polestar car by trading it for art.

Bar chain "Shotluckan" proclaims themselves their own country to avoid 10 pm ban on alcohol sales

A Swedish bar-chain named, roughly translated, "The Shot spot" and with the motto "Life's too short to sip drinks" has procla

Introducing "parenthesis advertising" - the band Bye Bye Bicycle trolled Spotify to announce comeback

Indie band Bye Bye Bicycle needed to advertise the release of their new album and comeback... But they only had indie band budget.

Activision / Call of Duty “What if the Cold War ended differently?” print

During the Cold War, a Soviet invasion of the Nordic countries was never far away.
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Amazon launches in Sweden - with a machine translated site full of dirty words

Amazon has just launched in Sweden, but the site is an embarrassing machine-translated mess.

Stick.se suggests fly swatter for Pence in topical ad

Clever topical ad to bring attention to Nordic pest control brand Stick.se

Clas Ohlson - Doll's daily adventures (2020) :30 (Sweden)

In his latest integrated campaign, Clas Ohlson - Swedish retail chain - encourages you to repair instead of throwing away.
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Malin Nilsdotter - Princess Tuvstarr (2020)

Malin Nilsdotter creates jewelry with a clear nod to fantasy and fairytales, so it makes sense that her new commercial for her brand would be a modern

Mackmyra Whisky disputes advertising judgment by launching "Freedom Whiskey"

In Sweden, the advertising rules for alcohol are very strict.

The world's most socially distanced restaurant – in the middle of nowhere

This summer, Oddbird, the winery producing wine liberated from alcohol opens a temporary restaurant in a nature reserve outside Stockholm.

Göteborg Energi : Lets keep it together campaign - OOH, Sweden

"The climate is changing, so should we"

"A Swedish raccoon" Covid-19 information mascot denied due to copyright infringement

The region of Skåne in Sweden wanted a cheeky mascot to remind people to wash their hands and created a Swedish racoon as a mascot.

Swedish hotel Stadt in Lidköping opens 67 pop-up restaurants due to Corona social distancing.

As a creative response in this crisis in order to still attract business, Stadt in Lidköping opens 67 pop-up restaurants.

Brämhults - "Reclaim February" abri bus poster (2020)

Did you know that in Sweden, sick-leave is the highest in February? Every year. Every single year. You'd think we'd learn, but nope.

Zalando - It’s what you do. Or don’t. (2020) :340 (Sweden)

In Zalando’s latest global streetwear campaign, created by the creative agency Acne, they pay an homage to the style’s ability to be the opposite of w

Code cracking recruitment subway ad campaign gets over 800 applicants for job

We've seen this tactic before, and it works.

Volvo wants you to take a car selfie, for safety. #SelfieforSafety Wait, what?

You may think it's a little weird that Volvo is asking to see your selfies. but they actually do have a plan.
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fintech app Anyfin attack loan sharks - in ad campaign that uses a spokesdolphin

I mean, IF you're gonna be a hyped Fintech app, why not pun around with fishy things, loansharks and dolphins?

Drink and Bike! – Carlsberg Sweden targets road cyclists in latest ad campaign

Because boozy bikers is all we need. :)

Göteborgs-Posten newspaper has Swedes putting themselves up on display to experience prejudice firsthand

Anewspaper deliveres news, but that's not the only job of a journalist.

Top creatives of Sweden join forces to open new shop: JR. Agency

A new Swedish creative shop, JR. Agency, opens for business. JR.

Lust for fonts: introducing Brickton

Brickton might seem dominating with it’s bold characters and pointy serifs.
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4th october 1983, Sweden's at that point largest demonstration ever against "löntagarfonder"

The ad posters that mobilised 75,000 Swedes against wage earners’ funds in 1983

It has now been 36 years since the first massive demonstration against "Löntagarfonder" took place the very same day as the Swedish Parliam

Telenor - "That's not real" / Telenor takes a stand for screen-time (2019) :60 (Sweden)

Swedish Telco Telenor takes a stand for screen-time There’s plenty of prejudice surrounding the screen time we spend each day.

Resumé : "Ad writer accuses Nike of plagiarism"

Resumé Magazine, the "Campaign" of Sweden if you will, found Kidsleepy's rant about Nike's "Dream Crazy" campaign and re

Street Art inspired ads announce new feature in Sweden's iconic cashmachines

Street art in advertising is not new. But it rarely has any real connection with the product.

Ad agency "hijacks" national alarm system to signal time for coffee break. Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency is upset.

Last week in Sweden, Åkestam & Holst and their client Pressbyrån "hijacked" the alarm signal system, "Viktigt meddelande till allmä
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Channel 4 in Sweden refuses political party ad that promotes "Swexit" before EU elections

Just as we learn that Facebook refuses to allow the Christian Democrats to air their campaign ad, we now hear that TV4 refuses to air Alternative For
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Facebook refuses Christian Democrat's election ad, because she is seen hunting in it.

Ella Bohlin is a candidate for the European Parliament from the Christian Democrat party in Sweden.

Greta Thunberg declines titanium advertising award for her "Fridays for Future"

Greta Thunberg declined the titanium award in Sweden's advertising award show.

Untold stories of the Sami people: "Between two worlds" photographed by Joel Marklund

Being a pro photographer from Sweden, Joel Marklund has always been fascinated by the #Sami people: a community that have inhabited the local lands of

Alex Schulman posts "At last!" on an image of burning Notre Dame, his sponsor Mat.se bears the brunt of it

The danger in sponsoring influencers' social media has always been the same as sponsoring a celebrity, they may mouth off and say something stupi
Åhléns, ha det fint, nattning

Åhléns new ad in Sweden, showing a father reading Pippi Longstocking in Dari, gets backlash on social media

Åhléns has released a short video on their social media and selected TV-slots where man reads Astrid Lindgrens classic Pippi Longstocking book for his


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