adidas x ramadan - From sunup to sunset / Från soluppgång till solnedgång (2023) 1:45 (Sweden)

In Sweden, there are approximately one million Muslims and soon it's Ramadan. So adidas launched this special Ramadan campaign "From sunrise to sunset" where the goal is to share helpful advice and tips on how to keep training while fasting during Ramadan, all shared on their social media and website. The campaign was developed together with PR agency Obeya, and stars footballers Nabil Bahoui, Bilai Hessein and runner Yassin Kridih.

- "Despite the growing interest in training during Ramadan, the information is fragmented. Many Muslims fast during Ramadan and want to stick to their training, but don't really know how to do it," says Redwaan Hossain, Brand Comms Manager at Adidas to Resumé.

The VO in the ad reads a bit like a spoken word pep-talk, and is subtitled in Swedish despite being spoken in accented Swedish. I'm not a fan of spoken word, and even less so when it's poorly written.

"If you got the chance to become extraordinary, would you take it or leave it? I wonder how far I can go. 30 days of fasting, from sunup to sunset, time has begun.
Nutrition, ablution, and the prayer comes after. It will be physically demanding, but it is as they say, all in your head my friend. Body weak but mind strong, take one step back to take two steps forward.
The mental game gets kicked down, and good deeds are added to my bank. The community is growing strong, and what they say is true: this is my own choice. The stomach is empty but the soul is rich. There are easy ways out but at what price? If you think about it, are you living or just alive?
This is more than just sport. The sweat flows, the psyche receives a shock. When desires are taken away and more is taken than you were given, can you handle the journey to your peak? The pain is only temporary and adversity has always given more than success ever taught.
Would you be able to let go of what you hold dear to give a helping hand to your sister who is having a hard time? Or say an extra prayer with your mother because the gift of life is more than just ours. Reflect on the state of the soul when we break bread with brothers we have not seen for a while. Reflect on things we haven't thought about for a while. Everything we have, everything we never gave.
This is ramadan. So if you had the chance to be extraordinary, would you take it or leave it?

Partners in the campaign are the Swedish Football Association, the Swedish Basketball Association, and the Marathon Group.

The leader of the Muslim party in Sweden, "Nyans", appreciates the ad and tweeted : "Adidas marks against Islamophobia and draws attention to Ramadan. Thanks!"


Redwaan Hossain, Brand Comms Manager

Karolina Lander, PR & Culture Marketing Manager

Annahita Mojarrad, Brand Comms Manager

Henrik Hallberg, Brand Comms & PR Manager


Canan Yasar, Creative Director

Linda Burrill, Produktions- och projektledare

Maria Hazard, Pr-strateg

Jakob Merlenius, Pr-konsult

Pr-konsult: Lovisa Ström

Pr-konsult: Lallo Darbo

Melinda Grothén, Grafisk designer

Said Can, Pr-assistent


Director: Robin Sharmin, Director

Alicia Moon Winding, Producer

Therese Hasse Larsen, EP

Alfred Lauritzen, EP

Simon Bendroth, DoP

1st AC: Arnar Hlíðberg, Daniel Hjellum

2nd AC: Lukas Bengtsson

Olof Jonsson, Gaffer

Clara Moksnes, Production Assistant

Sainabou Secka, MUA

Eigil Nickelsen, Still Photographer

Ben Conforme, Runner

Oliver Klitgård Larsen, Editor

Marouf Hussain, Spoken word

Thamer Alzaidi, Colorist

Oliver Reid, Music Composer

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Wait, there are one million muslims in Sweden? I thought it was a homogenous as Japan is but populated only by seven feet tall blond blue-eyed Amazonians.

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That was the case back in the 1970s.

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The ad shows you what Sweden looks like today.