H&M invades the Flatiron building

It looks like the attack for the 50-foot woman come to life, with the massive H&M poster on the skinny end of the Flatiron building in Manhattan. These huge posters aren't that new, they 've been climbing famous cityscapes from Stockholm to Tokyo for years now but this.. this... I don't know, suddenly I could hear my heart break.

Spotted at towleroad where there is an image of the poster..
Towleroad also makes a reference to Christo, this makes me smile as when I wrote the Swedish version of Pigeon-Holed for a magazine back in 98 and made the New-Age creative prefer to "wrap entire buildings in poster-ads Christo-style", an editor retorted with "Christo who?" Times have changed since the Gates huh?

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As much as I understand one needs to be noticed, of course I'm referring to advertising, in NYC...

call it a la Christo. They cheaped out. If they had the budget [no doubt] they may have really wrapped the entire building, all sides. Now that's impact. As it stands, it's about the execution...seems something is missing. Makes it look like an afterthought, a banner slung over a roof of an arena advertising summer hockey camp. Or the like.

Does this mean NYC advertising is losing its impact? heh-heh.

Here in Toronto, they cover entire streetcars [exterior]. Quite noticeable and effective.
An Example

What? No streetcars in NYC? My, my.