Pomplamoose cover the Angry Birds theme song (and trash the studio)

Angry Birds, you simply can't escape it any longer. Robots are playing it, they're taking over China (sorta), Angry Birds are launching flip flops just in time for summer. You can get Angry Birds iPad & iPhone covers, there's Angry Bird boardgames, backpack clips and other junk coming to a garage sale near you soon. Temporary tattoo packs, plush toys, even really creative birthday cakes which I regret having shown my kid 'cuz now I'll have to top that.

So of course youtube & advertising darlings Pomplamoose had to cover the theme song, it's manic and whimsical and very very angry. Exactly how it should be. Next - someone please figure out how to hack Angry Birds so that it plays this version of the song. Kthxbai!

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