The BAM Connection TikTok Video“GenZ Workplace Translations” Tops 4 Million Views

Biggest Hit Yet For Creative Agency Whose Previous Videos Also Went Viral
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Unicorns & Unicorns Leads AR + AI Workshop in Collaboration With Inner-City Arts for Dia De Los Muertos

Inner City Arts teams up with Unicorns & Unicorns to host a Dia De Los Muertos Workshop.

Intuity Medical and Agency of Record, Cutwater, Simplify Glucose Monitoring with Distinctive Campaign

Intuity Medical and Cutwater Launch All-New Brand Platform and National Campaign for the POGO Automatic®

Petcare Leader, Hartz, and Agency of Record, Cutwater, Protect Furry Friends From Outdoor Pests in unconditional love Campaign

Hartz and Cutwater Launch All-New Brand Platform and National Campaign
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Meet Hikup, The First-Of-Its-Kind Mindfulness App Created by Omelet and Consume & Create

A friendly conversation coach to help us tackle our unwanted language habits

How about a personalized pink Toblerone for Valentine's day?

What do you give for Valentine's day? Traditionally, chocolates and flowers. Well, Toblerone wants you to give a little more this time around.
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Jägermeister turned its BeReal account into an advent calendar in Spain

"Real Adviento" has turned the brand's BeReal channel into an advent calendar.

Dacia and heaven found Santa.

According to a mysterious source, the real Santa Claus lives in Lapland.

Finnish Foppa launches new financial products to help companies through the “Marketing Valley of Death”

Equity rounds help companies grow, but if sufficient funds are not invested in marketing, companies too often get stuck in the “Marketing Valley of De

Twitter advertisers pulled out before Elon bought it - due to Twitter's child porn problem

In the midst of Twitter hysteria as people attempt to join Mastodon, or change their verified accounts to "Elon Musk" as they tweet their wa

Will there be an investigation into the claim that $15K bought you a verified Twitter account?

As the saying goes, any headline that is posed as a question can be answered with "no".

On World Pasta Day, Barilla teams up with Publicis Italy/Le Pub and TikTok to launch #SecondLifePasta

The activation engages TikTok community to show off their best prowess and inventiveness towards food leftovers through the involvement of creators

TBWA\Belgium and Telenet launch the Metadorm: the first student house in the Metaverse

The metaverse is a global network of virtual reality worlds where you can roam freely as an avatar.

Telecentro - Qatar 2022 World Cup: "Your house is the headquarters” - Argentina

Dandy, an independent communication studio, specialist in Digital, Design and Advertising, presents the mega campaign developed for Telecentro, an Arg

Vice - The Unfiltered History Tour (Digital)

The Unfiltered History Tour is a guerrilla tour of the British Museum's stolen artefacts.

Newly Rebranded Hartz and Agency of Record, Cutwater, Launch Playful Campaign for Delectables

Newly Rebranded Petcare Leader Owns the Cat Lick in Catchy Campaign and Jingle

Chipotle - Wait for it ...."It's corn!" (2022)

Who knows how this went through the approval process so quickly, but kudos to the team that managed that!

Harvest Snaps and Agency of Record, Cutwater, Launch Music-Driven TikTok Experience

Cutwater Launches Music-Driven TikTok Experience for Harvest Snaps

The Venturous + FANCY and Director MAPP Find Happy Place with Driveway

The campaign explores the more fantastical places that you can buy a car.

19th & Park Produces Knockout Campaign for DevaCurl

Featuring a playful theme of celebration, the campaign will see 19th & Park deliver 13 key photographs – each centered on DevaCurl’s objective of

Front unveils 'Human Touch,' a new brand campaign to inspire businesses to bring more humanity to customer relationships

The ‘Human Touch’ integrated brand campaign illustrates how customers perceive businesses that fail to prioritize strong relationships.

LG Announces Upcoming Star Wars™ Collaboration on NY Times Square Billboard

LG Electronics USA and Disney used the recent “Star Wars Day” - “May the 4th be with you” - to launch a clever out-of-home teaser campaign in New York
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ROOF Studio Animates Emotional Short Film for CURAVIVA Switzerland

Animation studio ROOF Studio produced “Rosemarie’s Life,” a touching 3D-animated short about an elderly WWII survivor.

Where the Buffalo Roam + Google Brand Studio Navigate the Pandemic in Italy with “The Bicycling Bookseller"

Branded documentary is a true tale of hope and resilience.

Better Half Leverages Long-Term Creative Collaboration with Vans For Integrated “Musicians Wanted” Campaign Featuring Anderson Paak

Better Half has exploded into New Year 2021 with an innovative, integrated campaign for Vans entitled “Musicians Wanted” featuring judges Anderson Paa

We Are Woot! A Low-Fi Campaign By The New Blank Welcomes Massive Views 

What do you get when you mix a first-time advertiser and an irreverent sensibility from both a brand and its production partner?

Lost Eden wine is inviting you to a six-hour feast.

The country wants you to celebrate and be merry with its new wine brand.

Creating a logo that becomes a meme, while others reap the financial benefit

Pakistani designer, minimalist and self-confessed type-o-holic Owais Riaz created the logo meme of 2020 back in June, which reached the front page of

TikTok ad agency hostage and Ransoming the ransomers

This week I got stuck into one of the more interesting advertising industry social media incidents that I've seen.

Battenhall takes Very Serious Ltd's TikTok account for ransom

Battenhall communications agency, the ad agency for the social media age, have hijacked Very Serious Ltd's Tiktok account as a reply to

Yelp unveils new anti-racist platform

The UGC review platform wants to ensure diversity and inclusion exists, and will therefore allow businesses to be reported for "racist behavior.&

Paypal blocks the word "Tardigrade" and "Cuba", forcing shops to rename their products

In yet another example of the algorithm only being as smart as the human who programmed it, Paypal has caused sales losses and scared off customers fr

Hey Duggee game launched for BBC by Chunk

We’ve just launched a new Hey Duggee game for our friends at the BBC and CBeebies.

Netflix goes the cheap route to appease the trans cause du jour, which may cost them.

As Kidsleepy noted in an earlier article headlined Wokevertising for fun and profit, advertising has a way of jumping onto the cause du jour head firs
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Reddit bans women's & feminist subs in their clean-up effort, making "Reddithateswomen" trend

Reddit banned over 2000 "hate subs" on June 29, attempting to quell "hateful and violent speech".

Yard and SpeakUpAfrica Promote Hygiene and Social Distancing in Africa Through Pop Culture and Influencers

Yard (part of the Sid Lee Paris collective) created this for NGO SpeakUpAfrica to educate African youth on social distancing gestures.

Instagram needs to bring back chronological feed

Back in 2016, Instagram decided that rather than have you scroll through your feed in reverse chronological order, it would completely change its algo

Your tech overloads want to monitor your every move.

Not content to merely harvest your private information, your driving whereabouts, music listening tastes and spending habits, as well as recognizing y

#Fakehunter – world’s largest anti-infodemic system has launched

The Polish Press Agency and GovTech Polska (Polish Prime Minister’s Office) have released the #FakeHunter web application – a new tool to combat disin

Burger King changes signs to "Stay home"

Yet another brand promotes corona social distancing

Shutterstock created new virtual backgrounds for all your teleconferencing needs

Shutterstock created new virtual backgrounds for all your teleconferencing needs

Chiquita Banana encourages everyone to stay home, including the Chiquita Banana logo lady.

Chiquita Banana encourages everyone to stay home, including the Chiquita Banana logo lady.

Pornhub continues its ethics-washing with a Valentine's Day pop-up

Today on Adage there's an article with the headline "Inside Pornhub's unexpectedly buttoned-up Valentine's Day pop-up." Fo

Digital ads now stalk you home, and enter your mailbox.

The Washington Post’s Heather Kelly reports: As people become numb to targeted digital ads that follow them across social media and into their email i

Ask Siri who the President of Israel is, and you'll get an anti-Semitic answer

Here's a lesson on how to alienate your fan base.

Sprite - Banners digitales / Digital banners - No estás solo / You are not alone (2019)

Digital banners for the Sprite "No estás solo" campaign. 

Esthero hacks Spotify to rail against the company's awful royalty payments

Canadian singer Esthero joins other musicians and groups like Vulfpek who have found a way (or at least tried) to circumvent Spotify's notoriousl

Lust for fonts: introducing Brickton

Brickton might seem dominating with it’s bold characters and pointy serifs.

DQ creates a Blizzard Treat for your nose with their first-ever soft serve scented candles

For the millions of Americans who can already smell the pumpkin spice in the air, the DQ brand is launching their second annual Fall Blizzard Treat Me
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Carousell unveils bold new logo and brand identity across Asia

Carousell, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Asia, today unveiled a fresh new look which includes a revamped logo, brand positioning and visu

Artists, fans, labels: Here's how to claim the money PledgeMusic took from you

I was initially going to call this article "Crowdfunding to make music to crowdfund to," but Dabitch put her foot down as that was too much

Twitter and Wordpress banned women from their platform due to a sordid case in Canada's human rights tribunal filed by Jessica Yaniv

We reported earlier on the fact that Wordpress shut down several feminist blogs without warning, where one of the most interesting aspects of this was
CVT Softserve

Los Angeles Ice Cream truck CVT Soft serve doubles the price for Instagram Influencers - gets tons of free press.

Los Angeles ice cream truck owner is tired of social media influencers trying to get free ice cream for @ mentions.

Digital Agency Happy Medium Appoints Kristen Sabin as COO


Firefox creates "TRACK THIS", a way to trick advertisers by poisoning your surf data.

It's not an original idea, the best way to hide your data is to create more data, thus creating a campaign of misinformation about you.

Sour Punch Between Friends, parts 1-3

Becca and Max are the best of friends thanks to Sour Punch

Sour Punch Be The Differents Campaign

Sour Punch might be sweet and sour but this campaign is nothin' but a word salad.

Tibet Campaigners Laud Success After Google Confirms “No Plans to Offer a Search Engine in China”

The announcement follows a global outcry at the company’s controversial development of ‘Project Dragonfly’
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Tramontina "Flavor of Songs" (2019) 4:55 . (Brazil)

What does music taste like?J. Walter Thompson Brazil and Spotify are exploring this question for Brazilian cookware brand Tramontina.
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Salon is for sale. For only $5 million.

The digital media company's sale price is just 5 million USD.

The “Achooframe”, sneezes when it's dusty so you'll remember to call the cleaners. DOME - Russia

The Russian cleaning company DOME released a unique photo frame with a dust detector that notifies you with sneezing when it’s time to clean the apart

TeenVoice encourages people to take a stand against climate change

For some, the withdrawal from the Paris Accord by the United States has dimmed the prospects of tackling climate change. Many are worried that the pro

Cracker Barrel made a juicy fried chicken pool float

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Facebook refuses Christian Democrat's election ad, because she is seen hunting in it.

Ella Bohlin is a candidate for the European Parliament from the Christian Democrat party in Sweden.

Alphabet shareholders call for Google’s parent company to be broken up

Consumer group SumOfUs believes that Alphabet is too large to be managed effectively and that creates conditions for collusion with oppressive regimes

Adobe Test: What creative type are you? #Mycreativetype

Adobe has a site to test what creative type you are, and it's not like your regular old personality tests. For one thing, it looks amazing.

Wordpress shuts down several feminist blogs without warning.

Wordpress hosting, wich is run by the folks at Automattic, is targeting and shutting down femnist blogs without warning.

It's time to disrupt the disrupters.

Another day, another oops from Facebook who confirmed it gave data access to a Chinese firm flagged by U.S. intelligence,

If data is king, it's time to dethrone the masters


Patreonomics: The numbers just aren't adding up



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