Crunch "Crunch Times" (2016) 1:00 (Egypt)


Vodafone case study credits the January 25 Egyptian revolution to... a Vodafone ad.

There's been much chatter about this Vodafone case study, which looks at an ad campaign created by advertising agency JWT for telecom giant Vodaf

Panda Feta - Panda in Office - (2010)

Panda Feta - Panda in Hospital (Egypt)

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Calling Tarek Nour a copy-cat gets you arrested in Egypt.

Looks like I'll never set foot in Egypt again, as I did say copies pretty much everyone when I badlanded their series of rip-off fil
5 Comments copies pretty much everyone.

It looks like Marketing 3.0 has uncovered a factory-system of copied films, he posted "International ads Egyptianized" a while back, and now
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Melody TV - Hulk - (2007) 1:29 (Egypt)

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