Pantene - #StrongerNow / Kevin Balot (2018) :30 (Philippines)

Kevin Roxas Balot was born on 1991 in Matatalaib, Philippines.

Bench/ "So In Love / How long can you keep a secret? (2018) :60 (The Philippines)

"How long can you keep a secret?" asks this Filipino ad that tells the short of story of young love and scents.

SMSupermalls apologises for rape shirt - but it's plagiarized too.

SMSupermalls in the Philippines are in trouble today.

WaterAid - Every fifteen seconds - 48 hours Cannes Lions contest

This video has been made for WaterAid as part of the YouTube Young Lions Ad Contest. Every 15 seconds, a child dies because of the lack of clean wa

Bayan Business - 20 Pesos - (2010) :60

Red Cross - Optimism - (2009) :45 (Philippines)

Lasik Surgery Clinic - Sharpener - print, Philippines

FedEx - Laddie -(2008) :30 (Philippines)

Lasik Surgery Clinic - tack - print, Philippines

Defeat TB - Death Certificate - print, Philippines

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Coppertone - Crushed by the big C - print Philippines

WWF - Glowing sticker - ambient, Philippines

DefeaTB - Airborne - Philippines

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Pure Foods - Fun Nuggets (2006) 0:30 (Philippines)

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More than the usual...Philippines!


Manila, Philippines billboard eyesore

Not exactly tasteful billboards, they mushroom along major thoroughfares of the city. From the plane, you will see one long line of these billboards.

Adidas - Fence (2002) printad (Phillipines)

Some crafty sportsmen have used a fence to make a basketball hoop!
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