Puerto Rico

HCOA Fitness You Can't Fake your Fitness (Puerto Rico) 2022

HCOA (Puerto Rico's biggest gym chain

SuperMax supermarket - The Eye Tracker - created by De La Cruz Ogilvy helps you prepare for hurricanes

The SuperMax supermarket chain since its founding in 2002, has adhered to the philosophy of maximizing its community, customers, shareholders, supplie

Zyrtec Allergy - Leash / Frisbee / Car (2015)

Kanine Sutra.

Colgate- Vending Machine - (2015) 1:11 (Puerto Rico)

Wall's Ice Cream - Goodbye Serious Mail - print

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AXE "Assurance" (2014) 1:20 (Puerto Rico)

Amnestia Bandeja/Amnesty International "Last meals." (2013) :45 (Puerto Rico)

This simple spot was done for Amnesty International Puerto Rico.

Toyota Yaris - Friends - (2012) :30 (Puerto Rico)

Man finds and saves a furry cyclops from drowning, now they'll be best friends forever. Or....?

Buckler non alcoholic - Ceiling fan, Tattoo, Facebook - print, Puerto Rico

Young & Rubicam Puerto Rico pull no punches when they advertise alcohol-free beer.

Glade SC Johnson - Seismometer , print Puerto Rico

Alka-Seltzer - Champagne & Beer - print, Puerto Rico

Toyota - Blow Up Doll (2006) 0:40 (Puerto Rico)

Ambulance arrives with a rather different patient 
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