Dude Wipes weeklong digital takeover at Las Vegas’ Resort World Hotel takes swipes at Taco Bell’s Live Más & delivers Super Bowl humor

Dude Wipes, the champions of cleanliness in men's derrieres, have orchestrated a weeklong digital OOH takeover at Las Vegas’ Resort World Hotel. Teaming up with the creative minds at Clear Channel, led by the Max O’Neil, and their agency of record Curiosity, they've concocted a series of messages that are both cheeky and downright royal flush-worthy.

Imagine hotel guests and passersby being greeted with messages like "Keep your strip streak free," a nod to the city's infamous Strip, and a poker-themed gem, "When you can’t Texas Hold’Em any longer." But wait, there's more!
Enter a certain pop star into the hygiene arena, with an ad declaring, "A good swift cleaning that’s tailored to your end zone. 'It’s me. Hi. I’m the solution it's me. Not TP.'” Because when you think top-of-mind pop stars, you obviously think Dude Wipes. Or it could just be that everyone has Swift-fever right now.

Dude Wipes is ensuring everyone in Vegas is in on the laughter, leaving no strip un-streaked and no end zone unclean, even taking a swipe at Taco Bell's Live Más event on Feb. 9. Brace yourself for a barrage of not-so-subtle messages crafted to slyly hint at the potential aftermath of a fast food fiesta. Picture this: "TP is nacho best choice. Taco 'bout clean," and the spicy kicker, "When the spicy tacos hit. Wipe Más!" Because let's face it, when the tacos get hot, the wipes get hotter.

Dude Wipes is taking the comedy to the regional Super Bowl broadcast, reprising the “Best Clean, Pants Down” creative that had us all in stitches last summer. It's a touchdown-worthy move that ensures audiences across the nation get a front-row seat to Dude Wipes' uproarious hygiene revolution.

And in a stroke of genius (or perhaps just sheer convenience), Dude Wipes has teamed up with the delivery maestros at GoPuff. Brace yourselves, Super Bowl Sunday feasters in Houston, Tampa, Cincinnati, and Sacramento! Your food orders just got an unexpected and humorous upgrade – free Dude Wipes samples are about to make a splash in your delivery bags. Because what's a Super Bowl party without a surprise clean-up crew?

This Super Bowl placement is the grand finale to the expansion of Dude Wipes' cheeky campaign, where men joyfully dropped their drawers and embarked on the enlightening journey of "Relearning To Wipe."

Directed by Chris Woods, these ads have not just made us laugh but have elevated hygiene to a whole new level of entertainment. So, here's to Dude Wipes, keeping it fresh, funny, and fantastically clean – one wipe at a time.

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