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Sonic Union Goes To The Super Bowl With Multiple Spots

Sonic Union was the sound partner for 9 spots, two teasers and a radio promotion for this year’s Super Bowl.

RYB’s Paul Scheer Tackles Super Bowl LVIII With Impactful 988 Mental Health Lifeline PSA

Paul Scheer directed and starred in the campaign titled “Fake Happy” to highlight the crucial importance of mental health awareness during a time as n

The spot people should be talking about

Watching the majority of Super Bowl commercials last night felt like they were made by the same ad agency.

Cetaphil's big game spot "Game Time Glow" already in trouble, accused of plagiarism - ends well

The game isn't on yet, but a brand is already in trouble for their super bowl ad.

Dude Wipes weeklong digital takeover at Las Vegas’ Resort World Hotel takes swipes at Taco Bell’s Live Más & delivers Super Bowl humor

In the dazzling chaos of Las Vegas Super Bowl festivities, one brand is boldly proclaiming to provide the essential tools for a flush so royal, even t

Vegas invaded by Super Bowl Ad stunts: Giant Tequila Don Julio bottles, Doritos chips and tiny Paramount+ mountains

Hold onto your chips, folks, because Super Bowl Snack Stunts have taken over the Las Vegas Strip in a way that's larger than life!

Carl's Jr crashes back into the Superbowl - with jets

Guess who's crashing the Super Bowl after a decade-long hiatus? Carl's Jr. is back, and this time they've got jets involved.
In 2024 Adland® has 52 years of Super Bowl Commercials.

Adland® has the largest collection of Super Bowl Commercials.

Adland is the world's largest super bowl commercials archive. We now have 52 years of super bowl commercials!

2024, the Super Bowl LVIII ads are coming. The updated spoiler alert list.

I got tired of changing the headline.
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Blockbuster - Until The Bitter End (2023) :40 (USA)

The last Blockbuster, located in Bend, Oregon, actually had a Super Bowl commercial.

Watch: The Moment that Rihanna and Fenty stole the SuperBowl LVII

Rihanna accepted the job of performing at the Superbowl when she was three months post-partum.

Dogfish head - Not so big game (2023) :30 (USA)

Here comes the smallest big game ad with the smallest regional buy!
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The breakout star in Uber One's “Diddy” Super Bowl ad is Sean's bodyguard - Roy

When I watched the Uber teaser and the Uber Superbowl commercial, I thought the breakout star was Sean's right-hand man.

Anytime Fitness hijacks the Super Bowl LVII with Anytime Sweepstakes where you can win a trip to Anywhere

Any time that you here “anytime” during the Super Bowl you could win a trip to anywhere in the world.

Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 - Go Beyond (2023) :60 (Canada)

This ad aired during the American Superbowl in Canada.

General Motors / Netflix - “Directions” (AOTD) / Why not an EV? (2023) :15 (USA)

This year, Netflix and General Motors have joined forces to make a Super Bowl commercial with comic actor Will Ferrell.

General Motors + Netflix - "Mask" (Squid game) / Will Ferrell (2023) :15 (USA)

Teasers for the upcoming Superbowl ad with Will Ferrell.

E*trade - Boss baby getting ready / "Save the date" SBLVII teaser (2023) :15 (USA)

"You handsome devil..."

Is Blockbuster back? Like the cockroach who survives armageddon, Blockbuster teases return for the Super Bowl.

Blockbuster is teasing a Super bowl surprise on Instagram: "Is the world coming to an end or is Blockbuster releasing its first commercial in a r

Avocados from Mexico - Eve in Eden / SBLVII teaser (2023) :30 (USA)

Anna Faris as "Eve" in her first Super Bowl commercial - there is one fruit that can change the world. But it's not an apple.

Doritos - Missy Elliot "Collab" - teaser (2023) :15 (USA)

Missy Elliot, a super bowl ad veteran, talks to “First Class” rapper Jack Harlow as they will collaborate in a spot for BBQ Doritos, which may or may

Rakuten - Cher is back / SBLVII teaser (2023) :15 (USA)

Alicia Silverstone enters the classroom in her iconic 90's outfit from the movie "Clueless", and announces "Don't bug, your g

Squarespace - Backstage with Adam Driver (2023) 2:00 (USA)

Adam Driver discusses working with Adam Driver on the 2023 Big Game Commercial.

Workday - Paul Stanley / Rock star SBLVII teaser (2023) :15 (USA)

Paul Stanley is the only rockstar in this corporate meeting.

Workday - Rock Star / #SBLVII Joan Jett teaser (2023) :15 (USA)

Another SBLVII teaser from Workday. Here, Joan informs the office workers that they are wrong. She's the rock star.

Workaday - Ozzy at the office / Teaser Super Bowl LVII (2023) :15 (USA)

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has gotten an office job.

Pringles - "Made you look" / Meghan Trainor SBLVII teaser (2023) :15 (USA)

Pop star Meghan Trainor gets stuck Cheddar Cheese Pringles. Unless she’s faking it, in which case — “Made You Look!”

PopCorners - "You're gonna flood it" / “Breaking Bad” SBLVII teaser (2023)

When I see things like this, I wonder if advertisers are aiming for the Mandela Effect - the false memory phenomenon shared by many people.

Michelob Ultra - Ultra Club / Cinderella Story teaser (2023) :30 (USA)

Michelob Ultra's Ultra Club is channeling the classic 1980 sports comedy “Caddyshack.” In this teaser CBS analyst and former Cowboys quarterback

Michelob Ultra - Ultra Club / Beer Run - SBLVII teaser (2023) :15 (USA)

Boxer Canelo Alvarez drives by on the beverage cart with Kenny Loggins’ theme song in the background

Michelob Ultra- Ultra Club dynamic duo / teaser SBLVII (2023) :15 (USA)

Michelob Ultra has themed its 2023 Super Bowl commercial teasers as an homage to classic 1980 sports comedy “Caddyshack.”

Heineken 0.0 - Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania - Now You Can, Before Saving the Day! (2023) :15 (USA)

This Dry Jan, Heineken 0.0 and Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man and The Wasp: #Quantumania” are teaming up on a campaign that focuses on drinking (and shrinki

FanDuel Sportsbook Super Bowl Kick of Destiny / Training with Gronk (2023) 1:15 (USA)

In the teasers released Gronkowski begins to practice for the “Kick of Destiny,” and is beefed up in an ’80s movie training montage by former Patriot

FanDuel Sportsbook Super Bowl Kick of Destiny - The call from Agent (2023) :37 (USA)

FanDuel has teamed up with Rob Gronkowski for its 2023 Super Bowl commercials.

Downy Unstopables - SBLVII teaser " I’m Not Doing It Yet" (2023) :30 (USA)

Downy Unstopables Super Bowl Commercial: I’m Not Doing It Yet

Doritos - The Love Triangle / Jack Harlow - teaser (2023) :15 (USA)

Doritos teases their big game ad with Jack Harlow, who responds to a paparazzi inquiry about a rumored “love triangle.”

Budweiser - The SBLVII Teaser (2023) :11 (USA)

They say all people are just 6 degrees apart…

The donors behind “He Gets Us” campaign are paying millions to run ads for Jesus during the Super Bowl LVII

A group of anonymous donors will run two ads in Super Bowl LVII, paying the millions of dollars that Fox is asking for each ad spot.

Uber Releases Super Bowl Teaser Featuring Sean “Diddy” Combs ahead of big game

Today, Uber announced its return to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row with a new spot focused on making Uber One the most memorable membershi

The Super Bowl Ads milked nostalgia dry.

Same old same old. Emphasis on same. And old.
Terry Eselun wave

Interview with Terry Eselun, the surfing star in the Super Bowl 1976 commercial for Schlitz

Schlitz sponsored surfing athlete Terry Eselun back in the 1976 Super Bowl

NBC has sold out all of its ad inventory for Super Bowl LVI, at $7 million for 30 seconds

NBCUniversal has said in a statement that it has sold every in-game unit available across NBC, Telemundo and all digital platforms including Peacock.

Lee Clow's Beard Remasters Apple's "1984" in 4K

Jason Fox, aka @leeclowsbeard on Twitter, has remastered Lee Clow & Co's iconic "1984" commercial that launched the Macintosh and a

"Indeed" and "Guaranteed rate" use the same stock footage in their Superbowl ads.

Well, this is awkward....

There will be no Budweiser ads in super bowl - but this ad will run online.

Budweiser will not be running an in-game Super Bowl ad, this is the the first time in 37 years that the audience will not see Clydesdales or puppies f
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Pepsi Super Bowl LV - "Get Ready" (2021) :60 (USA)

In this teaser for the Super Bowl halftime show, people are all dancing and singing The Weeknd's Blinding Lights.
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The 1981 adland Super Bowl XV superbowl commercial collection

These are the superbowl commercials that ran during the 15th Super Bowl in 1981.
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Planters ditches their "death of Mr Peanut" Superbowl ad, moves "rebirth" up to earlier in game

Planters has wisely decided that the commercial showing Mr Peanut plunging to his death isn't appropriate at this time, and will instead air only
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FOX is keeping the two campaign ads in quarantine, so no products air with Trump nor Bloomberg ads

Fox has decided to run ads from President Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg in separate breaks.

Bud Light wants you to pick their super bowl spot.

Bud Light wants you to pick their super bowl ad, you get to choose between “#PostyStore” and “#PostyBar”, two new spots featuring Bud Light Seltzer an
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Planters "Pauses" the death of Mr. Peanut campaign after Kobe Bryant's death

Ahead of Super Bowl LIV a commercial from Planters took over Twitter on Wednesday after the Twitter account of Mr Peanut announced his death at the ag

Washington Post : Democracy Dies in Darkness (2019) 1:10 (USA)

At five million per thirty seconds, this ad for the Washington Post, narrated by Tom Hanks, cost at least ten million dollars to make.

Missed It by That Much

Kia releases Super Bowl ad with a chatbot

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Ad Chat: Meet Josh Hurley & Andy Kohman who sold fitness fans beer during the Super Bowl

Over at FCB Chicago there's a creative team who is working on stepping up the Michelob ULTRA brand, so they returned to the Super Bowl this year

Super Bowl 50 Infographic

Spoiler alert: The Super Bowl Ad Buy list 2016

UPDATED: Super Bowl XLIX: The Ads of 2015 *Spoiler Alert*

Super Bowl XLIX: The Ads of 2015 *Spoiler Alert*


2014 super bowl ads have a controversy winner as Scarlett drops Oxfam for Sodastream

Sodastream decided to run with the same SB tactic as last year, with their "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi"

Super Bowl 2014 - Ad Spoiler Alert

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Inuit's Super Bowl 2014 ad will not be for itself


The people have spoken: USA Today's Ad Meter

Now that the civilians (non advertising peeps) have voted their choice for best Super Bowl spot, we can see what really resonated with America. It se

Lol @Chrysler


Brands capitalize on Super Bowl Blockout.

Spoiler Aler - Super Bowl 2013 Ads - Watch them now and know what will air

Are you ready for some football? Ok, are you ready for some Super Bowl ads? Well you don't have to wait until kickoff to see many of them.

Pistachios Gangnam Style for the Super Bowl


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