Fanta “Orange Vision” (2011) :30 (USA)

This new series of spots are about discovering what makes the Fanta World so special through showcasing different moments of the day in each character’s life. This time we revealed more about their own perspectives, by telling the story through their eyes and at the same time revealing more of their own personalities. This gave us a more intimate understanding of why each character is so special - what makes them laugh, who their friends are and what they're into.

We introduced a few new characters and turned the spotlight on some returning ones. In “Orange Vision” we feature a new girl Maud, who just completely steals the show in our minds. When we started designing her Janelle Monae came up a lot for style and personality reference. Her energy is infectious and we really wanted that to come across in Maud as well. The Fanta characters are almost like our own portrayals of our friends or stories of people we remember growing up. Maud ended up taking on some of the attitude from Psyop Executive Producer Lydia Holness, it became a perfect fit.

There are many jokes and clues as to what some of the characters are really like throughout the whole campaign - from Tina Marie's secret dance moves, to Chester and Hank having a part time job at a hot dog stand - we couldn't help place tons of these moments everywhere, making the Fanta World what it is now.

During the character exploration we also pushed deeper into the details of the Fanta World. Everywhere you look in the spots, no matter how wide or up close, we revealed layers of wonderment the viewer hasn't seen before. To us the Fanta World continues to grow and amplify almost on its own now. We've had so much fun working on these spots and they’ve become something we're all very attached to.

Spot Titles: Bounce, Orange Vision, Turntable, Playpile

Client Company: The Coca-Cola Company
VP, Global Marketing Strategy & Creative Communications: Jonathan Mildenhall
Global Creative Director, Fanta: Chris Lydon-Omark
Creative Communications Manager, Fanta: Kelly Donahue
Producer, Film Production: Rachel Holbrook
Brand: Fanta
Group Director, Global Brand Management, Fanta: Selman Careaga
Director, Global Brand Management, Fanta: Bill Gray
Senior Global Brand Manager, Fanta: Mattias Blume

Agency: Ogilvy New York
Sr. Partner, Executive Creative Director Digital: Aaron Griffiths
Partner, Associate Creative Director: Tristan Kincaid
Partner, Associate Creative Director: Della Mathew
Partner, Senior Art Director (“Orange Vision”): Mervyn Rey
Art Director (“Playpile”): TJ Walthall
Copywriter (“Playpile”): Parker Sims
Sr. Partner, Executive Producer: Melanie Baublis
Producer: Jenna Gartland
Planning Director: Margaret Rimsky
Strategic Planner: Caroline Washington
Executive Marketing Director: Fergus Hay
Program Manager: Daniel Langlitz
Music Producer: Peter Gannon

Production Company: Psyop / Smuggler
Director: Psyop
Psyop Creative Directors: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier, Gerald Ding
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Producer: Nathan Jew, Kay Chen
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Design: Ben Chan, Helen Choi, Kitty Lin, Tae Kim, Sam Ballardini, Stephanie Davidson, JJ Walker, Sean Martin
CG Lead: Helen Hyung Choi
Technical Director: Zed Bennett
Lighting Lead: Cody Chen, Jeff Chavez
Animation Lead: Jae Ham, Gooshun Wang, Kitty Lin
CG Team: Michael Shin, Shuchen Lin, Denis Kozyrev, Dan Fine, Soo Hee Han, Oliver Castle, Sylvia Apostol, Juhie Suh, Anderson Ko, Doug Litos, Roman Kobryn, Kevin Phelps, Eban Byrne, Ben Grangereau, George Smaragdis, Kevin Couture, Entae Kim, Andy Hara, Brandi Dimino, Chris Santoianni, Henning Koczy, Vinh Chung, Stanley Ilin, Jordan Harvey, Jesse Holmes, Lee Wolland, Alek Vacura
Compositors: Manu Gaulot, Jason Conradt, Fred Kim, Borja Pena, Carlos Foxworthy, Seth Ricart, Dave Rasura, Elliot Blanchord
Editor (Psyop): Cass Vanini

Music: Human

Mix: Sound Lounge

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