Greencard Pictures does not endorse that fake "banned" "German" soda pop advertisment

Ok, so the world is not yet that crazy - I've been wondering what on earth was going through a commercial production companies mind, having set lose such an obvious "you're gonna get in heaps of trouble" commercial on the web like that so-called "Banned German Sprite commercial". I could see it coming from some guy who just left moms den do something like that, but a real production company knows better. And frankly, so should the director Max Isaacson. "Spec ad" does not equal "Parody". He had posted the ads on youtube (yeah, there was a 'campaign' of this crud) under the name SillyDogFilms, perhaps he thought that he could launch his own production company with this stunt.

Official statement on Greencard Pictures website under news says;

Over the course of the last 24 hours, Greencard Pictures has been associated with a "fake advertisement" for Sprite directed by one of our friends and collaborators Max Isaacson. The commercial is a joke written, directed and produced by Max Isaacson. Greencard Pictures is not associated, nor do we endorse these fake advertisements.

We've updated the ad here as well, since I received a phone call this morning from a very pleasant lawyer representing the Coca Cola corporation. I'm not just saying that, I've spoken to some really unpleasant and shockingly legally clueless lawyers over the years (*cough* youtube *cough*), but this lady was quite nice and we quickly reached an agreement after I suggested that I'd pixellate all trademarks. The worldwide soda pop company didn't get that big without learning a thing or two on the way, this is actually the first time a brand's legal representative has called me from the same legal territory that I am in - this lawyer is even in the same city as me. I'll have to buy her a Coke someday. I'm used to being phoned up in the middle of the night from California and having to explain subtle but vital legal differences between the US and Sweden while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Thusly the so-called banned German blowjob commercial now has changed. You can still find it on the web hosted by less cooperative people than me (*cough* Perez Hilton *cough*) if you absolutely must see the trademarked can, but I assure you it's not even worth it.

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