Insurers troubled by Toyota campaign which "incite fraud".

Something strange happens at this time of year. People begin to take ads literally.

Seems that not everyone is liking the new Toyota campaign where people are shown doing all sorts of silly & elaborate things in order to get rid of their old car. They're killing the cars off by pushing them off rooftop parkings, cutting them in half with the help of the snowplow guy, chainsawing down trees next to it which will fall and crush the car just so.

Daniel Johnston, executive director of the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts, said the only conceivable purpose for destroying your existing car, rather than simply trading it in, would be to collect insurance money to pay for a new car.
"Every scene that's described in the ads is a crime," Johnston said.


Toyota spokeswoman Cindy Knight told the Globe the car maker would review any letters of protest it has received. She said it was possible the company could modify the ads or add a disclaimer, but she emphasized that the spots were meant to be humorous, not to be taken literally.
"The intent was to sell new cars, not to convince people to destroy their old cars," Knight said. "It's just trying to be a little edgier than Toyota usually is."

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