Jessica Simpson and Miss Piggy in Super Bowl XL Commercial

Yet again, Pizza Hut is bringing together Jessica Simpson and the Muppets for their Super Bowl XL advertisement this year.

Apparently Miss Piggy and Miss Simpson will be dressed alike. Perhaps now that Jessica Simpson is single they will have her try to win over Kermits affections.

Two years ago, Ms. Simpson appeared along with the Muppets for a Super Bowl ad. Super AdGrunts, see it here:

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kidsleepy's picture

yep. god bless bbdo to win the favors of pizza hut back.
look will give you muppets! again!

Dabitch's picture

The real sad thing is that two years ago, the Jessica Simpson article was our most requsted article well into the summer months. If we were adsense whores we'd be writing about Paris Hilton, Jessica and Ashley simpson, Britney Spears and Victoria secret ads every damned day.

kidsleepy's picture

yes but instead you like to focus on good advertising as much as bad advertising.
and the sad part is people are talking about it as much as a crispin viral effort. except Pizza Hut doesn't like conceptual work.

but then again i gotta tell you if i were on that shoot, I don't think I'd care all that much-- "hey guys, I have a superbowl spot that's gonna suck but I got ot stare at jessica simpson up close for two days."

I think most creative men would become a hack for that opportunity, no? ;)

caffeinegoddess's picture

Don't most creative men create concepts built around that opportunity? ;)

Dabitch's picture

Ok, may the creative who didn't write a script starting with:
open on a sun drenched beach
cast the first award.

silver3's picture

Maybe Miss Piggy will break up with her own singing boyfriend.