Link Lust: Modernista! siteless site and moustaches

Modernista! no longer has a site, just a clever way of redirecting the visitor, so they're using what everyone else said about Modernista! on the web as their site instead of wasting time building their own. (Hmm, I wonder if this mention will make our site end up as part of Modernista!'s site... Time will tell). What do you think about that kids? Humble? Pretentious? Clever way of getting rid of their big old server and replacing it with someones iPhone? Kidding. Hat Tip Brandon Barr with the ever growing beard.

Speaking of sexy facial hair, moustache me is one of those places that encourages you to mess with advertising which is taking over the pubic space. They reckon it'll be fun if we all carried pre-printed moustaches to stick on all those smiling models everywhere. Stickers, yeah. "What that ad needs is a good moustaching". Seen it before, except these guys print special stickers that'll cost you three bucks or more.

That's all for today folks, sorry I didn't have time to post anything but there was a fun (work) booklaunch today. At least I have a good reason for going MIA, I had lunch with whatshisname Husk Mit Navn. And now, I must sleep. Night! ;)

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Ok, I guess this answers my question - I'm at Modernista!'s site posting this. Weird! You try!

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I had lunch with whatshisname Husk Mit Navn.

Very funny.

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I was wondering if anyone would catch that joke. Kudos.

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Since my Swedish is about as good as my Sanskrit, I had to bounce about the web and find out the translation. "whatshisname" indeed (actually, what is his name?). :-)

Dabitch's picture

I'm not telling! it would ruin the mystery!

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Are his initials K. S. ?

Dabitch's picture

Not telling.