Moodsnaps "Our mood" (2014) 2:00 (USA)

Moodsnap is a music discovery app that is way different from the other music discovery apps like Pandora, because it's tied to images. And Spotify premium. Now you can choose which music to stream based on image-inspired music stations that are curated by mood.
I'm sorry, that sentence sounded pretentious. Image-inspired? Like album covers, right? Or the covers the more creative of us made when we were burning mix cd's right?

This ad is shot well. The premise is too emo and Garden Statey for me. I know the scenes are trying to convey a range of emotions, but except for one scene where they are inexplicably yelling at each other outside of their road trip car, all I see is sleepy, and dreamy. In what world does someone feel the need to explain to their boyfriend or girlfriend why they made them a mix cd? How dense is this couple?
I guess the answer is pretty dense, because the dude is acting like making a playlist is as important as asking the girl to marry him. It's not a weighty decision, dude.

Director: Charles Frank
Starring: Alexandra Chelaru and Andrew Cashin
VO Artists: Kira MacKnight & Christopher Lewis Dawkins
Writer: Kyle Harper
Producer: Andrew Hutcheson
Director of Photography: Raymond Tsang
Production Manager: David Brickel
PA: Christopher Lewis Dawkins
BTS Shooter: Jordan Weinrich
Sound Mixer: Kira MacKnight
Animator: David Seekamp

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