New York Post from Post House

Editorial Company Crew Cuts has started the New York Post tabloid spoof, which much like Adweak is The Onion for adnerds. (wow, enough cross referencing there yathink?)

In it they carry stories like Nike Swoosh on the moon, which reminds us about that stunt Cunning Works (formerly Cunningstunts) are said to have pulled when they projected J-Los butt on the moon.

You can see that stunt on Cunning Works website (scroll down).

Everyone who thinks they actually mooned the moon raise their hand, I have a bridge you might be interested in....


For those keeping tabs back home, yes the "advertising on the moon" gag was probably first done in Franquin's 1959-60 comic book masterpiece "Z comme Zorglub" (Or if you speak Swedish, "Z som i Zafir") where Zorglub sends rockets to the moon to spell out "Coca-Cola".

His mistake though, was that all his little helpers spoke backward and had thus spelled the brand name "Aloc-acoC".


In fact Zorglub/Zafir is such a great over the top bad guy I wouldn't be surprised if Dr No was modeled on him. ;)

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Numerous tabloids run the leaked story and FHM are
forced to admit that they were indeed responsible for the projection.

I don't get it, the other projections on the site were quite possible - but J-Lo mooning the moon? Is CunningWorks simply a PR company that sends out quirky press releases rather than an ad agency?

Good cartoon trivia dab. Very amusing.

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More Trivia: The man who sold the moon wrote the idea of using the Moon for a billboard for a popular soft drink, back in 1950.

I think your bluff-dar is correct Dabitch, had Cunning actually beamed J-Lo's ass on the moon the press would have been worldwide.