Nike apologies for Zlatan Ibrahimović's gun fetish.

Nike has been running a web campaign where you can peek into the closet of Zlatan Ibrahimović, created by Scholz & Friends. The idea was that fans could get a "unique peek" at Zlatan's life, by a spying webcam placed in his closet that streamed footage live and could be found via a link at Every so often Zlatan would open the door, he's showed off some of his awards, hugged a puppy, made funny faces and thrown handsigns to the camera. All the collected footage was archived at but yesterday Nike chose to remove some of it after receiving complaints over a bit where Zlatan shows off what looks like a a 50-caliber Desert Eagle gun, cocks it and aims to the right of the camera.

Nike's statement at reads in part: "The idea was that Zlatan was going to do funny & nutty things in his closet. One of the things that happened was that Zlatan showed a toy gun to the camera. We realize that some people may have had a negative reaction to this. That's why we have now removed the clip from Svenska to avoid that more people see it and react negativly. We apologise to all svenskafans who have misunderstood the joke." Right, because it's so much funnier when it's a toy gun.

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Leave the guy alone he's just trying to look bad-ass.

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That would be the right choice of gun (or toy) then. It is bad-ass.