Opium ad removed.

Just a little note to let everyone know what is going on with the whole p*ypal frozen account deal. We have finally received a reply as to why our account was frozen. yeay!


'Your website contains material that violates P*yPal's Acceptable Use Policy. For example https://adland.tv/naked-sophie-scores-even-more-free-pr. You will either need to remove the material that violates our policy or remove P*yPal from your website.


The image of Sophie Dahl in the nude, posing for Tom Fords Opium advert in the year 2000 - has been removed.

That article was posted April 24, 2001.

We've been using that internet pay service since Oct. 17, 2001, and have been a Verified member since somewhere around November of that year.

We've also removed all references to that internet-money-company "bestow-bro" as being our payment place.

The 'for example' worries me. Are there other pages with "material that violates"? We've asked them. Time will tell. Tom Ford would be proud. ;)


P.S. more site news, I just added 1 lovely gigabyte of RAM to the machine.

Everything should run a wee bit faster and a lot smoother now. :)

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I knew it was Ford's ads. He can push them buttons.

How does PayPal define "adult" or "sexually orientated" material?
"Adult" or "sexually-orientated" material includes, but is not limited to:
* Any visual representation of human genitals presented in such a manner as to suggest sexual activity
* Any visual representation of any form of sexual intercourse involving humans
* Any materials which require that individuals be eighteen (18) or older (depending on the jurisdiction) to view or purchase those materials
* Any non-textual materials clearly designed to sexually arouse the viewer/reader, including adult phone or audio services
* Any items which, because of their nature or because of the item description, appear to be designed for use in sexual/adult activity
* Escort services
* Any items which depict human sexual characteristics in a degrading fashion
* Any item that portrays frontal nudity will normally be treated as "adult" material

(IANAL) The artsy shot of Sophie Dahl was none of the above. Also, hello, it four years old?

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I hope they unfreeze your assets. But after they do, you should drop them and add the ad back. On principle.

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I forgot what the ad looked like to find the offensive material... The third link from Google brought me to this:


I hope you can get any $ PayPal owes you back and you can find another way to collect money from us adgrunts. I for one, will pay more [not too much more, I'm unemployed] and in a foreign currency if there's a better solution out there.

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I also found this one: http://pages.tias.com/3943/InventoryPage/1106432/1.html, which uses pp and carries that image.

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That's outrageous! I beginning to think that PP freezes people's accounts so they use the money for their own purposes.

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See the difference is, the Opium ad on that site accompanied its shameless commerce with a critique of the ad's power:

This is a beautiful 8 by 10 inch ad for OPIUM Perfume. It features a beautiful nude heavily made-up red haired lady wearing a beautiful diamond necklace, and high-heeled shoes. This lady is actually touching herself. Great ad!!!!!!

That gripping description must be why Paypal lets that page use their services while they harrass a public service site like adland.

Paypal, admit it. You screwed up ROYALLY.

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aye - ever seen the sophie-dahl.com site? Ironic paypal usage there too.

Not to mentions the disgusting stuff one can get on Ebay that violates Paypals UA - nazi paraphenilia, uniforms with blood and bullet holes etc. Oh yeah, and don't forget the ebay adult stuff, vibrators and DVD porn films for sale accepting paypal auctions.

I doubt they'll admit that they screwed up - actually I'm doubting they'll ever unfreeze the account, as they have yet to reply now that I have complied to their request of taking that image down.

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Like they don't get enough of the money in the first place - their transaction fee's are outrageous! Something like 2.6% of every transaction.

But you are probably right - also note their incompetence not only in understanding their own terms of service, but also they haven't responded yet, despite the fact that Dabitch removed the image immediately and emailed a reply to let them know that she did comply - I guess they want to hang on to someone else's money for just a little while longer. Like a year or two.

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Dabitch, you should report them to the police - you are not breaking the UA, they're clearly in the wrong and have no right to sit on your money. Maybe then they will listen act a little quicker. I'd say sue them but I know you're not in the land of lawsuits, so I think a police report is better. I'm closing my Paypal account rightt now - all adgrunts who have Paypal accounts just to be able to join here, should also consider closing them - or at least emptying them of all cash. I've emailed paypal about this travesty - I hope many other adgrunts join in and protest as well.

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I fail to see how the Opium ad can be in violation of any of things listed in PayPal's user agreement, section 11.

Genitals showing? Nope.
Full frontal nudity? Nah.
etc. etc. etc.

But maybe they're just wankers that can't admit when they're wrong. Seems likely.


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Since PayPal is a quasi-bank [although they deny it], you should file complaints with the banking and consumer affairs departments in Denmark and the EU. Although it might take time, PayPal won't want to risk being able to do business with Danish banks (or even better all EU banks) due to its behaviour.

From what I've read on paypalsucks.com, PayPal seems to respond only to suits actually brought against them.

Freezing assets for a AUP violation (even though it really isn't) is wrong. There's no grounds for it. I can see freezing $ when there fraud might be involved but if it really thinks your site has stuff they don't to be associated with, it should close your account and give your money back.

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Nice user agreement "includes, but is not limited to" - so the obvious Renoir reference in that Sophie Dahl opium ad went straight over PP's head - and they thought an ad without genitalia or full frontal nudity was pr0n. Sad indeed.

I've closed my account - I will not be spending my money though a company that has such moronic business practices.

Report them to the financial ombudsman - banks can't act like that and they like to pretend they are a bank.

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I've always despised paypal and only opened my account in order to upgrade here - I hope you do find a real bank alternative. Surely a real bank wouldn't act like a censor - or has the world come to that already? Shocking I must say, more shocking than Tom Fords Opium ad by a mile.

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After further investigation, I found that the galler for Sophie at http://www.sophie-dahl.com/ has a PAYPAL donation option.

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There are many many sites out there (Ebay included) where clear violations againsst paypals policy is abound - consistency is not their fort