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The Ad Brief podcast. Episode 2: The Sherlockians

Sure enough after the release of the first episode of the Ad Brief Podcast we simply had to do it again. and after a bit of schedule bending, Noah & I sat down to yap about what makes an ad, an ad. Or rather how you do it. How do you write a brief? How do you start a start-up? How do you create an app? And what twisted sort of person wants to be creating ads, apps, startups and other things out of nothing?

ad brief podcast

We speak about the new Leap the 3D motion technology widget and what this may mean for the future when interacting with our computers, and what possible apps may this birth. Why can't we screenshot our TV yet? How do you come up with ideas? How do you pitch a company? How many questions can Dabitch ask in an hour? Who should we ask to join us next time? :)

World premiere of... The Ad Brief podcast. Episode 1: case studies study.

Hello World it's time to figure out just how Swedish my accent really is (A: not very).

Update The ad brief podcast is now available in iTunes so if you fancy go tell us how much we suck over there too, ie; rate us! ;)

Well, you might have heard my voice before, either on the advertising show, or more likely Bob Knorpp's Beancast which I frequent often, or perhaps when I had the Cannes wednesday voice when I was on Adverve.

But you might not have heard my mate and co-host Noah Rosenberg's voice before. Noah is the co-founder and head of product over at HappyMedium, and we've been yapping about advertising via the magic of the intarwebs since the 90s. Yes, we are twisted. One day we just thought, why not record it? This is our baby-steps, our first podcast complete with a lot of injokes and the occasional f-bomb from yours truly. The offspring made three dollars in the swear-jar off this episode and says she's saving up for a Quadcopter.

Noah and I talk about case studies, real and fake ones. There's the fab case study about the Zoo, the advertising sign at the deepest part of the ocean, the red light district stunt and many more. We veer off into a discussion about PR and somehow at the 45 minute mark we end up playing you a really good ad, Disclaimer Guy, created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne as a treat for you for hanging in there until the end. Welcome to our first, rough around the edges, bleep-less podcast The Ad Brief.


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