Red Cross Youth campaign for human rights

This summer the Swedish Red Cross Youth launched a campaign for human rights influenced by the upcoming olympics in Beijing. We are encouraging people around us to visit our webbsite and discuss such matters as:
• What can You do to promote human rights?
• Is it ever acceptable to violate human rights?
• What can each nation do for human rights?
• Do Sweden ever violate human rights?

We think it is extremely important to educate young people on human rights and to raise the issue whenever it´s possible. Our campaign should not be seen as anti-China, but pro-human rights.

The Swedish Red Cross Youth has chosen to make a campaign on human rights because:
• Human rights is a fundemental part of the Red Cross/Red Crescent society
• It is 60 years since the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
• The Chinese government promised an improved situation for human rights in their Olympic campaign
• There are several documented cases where the Chinese authorities have violated human rights, Amnesty presents four central areas in the Olympic campaign:
- Fair trials for all
- Freedom from censorship
- Respect the rights of activists
- Stop executions

Human rights are, and always has been, a vital part of the Red Cross/Red Crescent philosophy. With that in mind, We see this as the perfect time to manifest the importance of human rights.

Update July 21 (added here by Dabitch) Red Cross campaign pulled..

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