Resume 'men hallå' [swedish tradepress]

Resume called me up for their "Men Hallå...?" article series. ("Men Hallå" sortof means "but Helloooo.." in the form of a question, like "hello, what are you doing?") Rough translation:

But Hello.. freelancing AD Åsk Wäppling.. who has collected over 10.000 commercials on the community site Ad-rag. Why did you start this site?
It's meant to be the creatives playpen, or anyone who works with advertising for that matter. People want to see the commercials, especially ads from other countries. I got annoyed that there wasn't really a place like that out there, don't get me wrong there are others but they are a pain to navigate [past the sponsors ads]. It might sound ironic but I can't stand advertising on websites that gets in the way when I'm trying to find information.
How far back does the archive go?
There's a bunch of films from 1979 and onwards, but the oldest commercial is from 1958. The superbowl ads are from 1979 til today, but soon we'll be adding superbowl ads from 1969. We add on average 10-15 commercials a day.
When did you start this site?
As this database-based community since 2000, but as a regular homepage "adland" has been around since 1996. It didn't have [the database] and commercials back then, when I started that I was hammering away on my computer every evening for three months. I didn't have any mysql/php or server skills.
How many members do you have?
More than 12000 - right now about 3000 have paid to watch commercials in the archive.
How many visitors does the site have?
in March we had over 50000 unique visitors. Since 2000 we've had more than three and a half million visitors. [see current stats for current digits]
Who works with the site?
Any member can post any news to the front page if they want to.

In typical Resumé commenters fashion most people spend their time mocking me, apparently I look like Boy George. :))
Oh no, don't you start too now! ;P

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