The search for the most useless office perk in the world

A mailroom punching bag. Tuna cans with no can opener. A folded-up exercise machine. New marketing campaign seeks “the most useless office perk ever” and draws in hilarious submissions.


Workers are being lured back into offices this fall with promises of community, fun, and superb perks. But unless you’re working at Google, Netflix, or Apple, these office perks are often far from glamorous.


Framery, the world’s leading manufacturer of soundproof private spaces for open offices, has launched a new global campaign to track down “the most useless office perk in the world.” The playful initiative – created in collaboration with creative agency Reaktor Creative – pokes fun at all the strange items that are left to accumulate dust in offices around the globe.

“We want to help companies see that if we’re going to make employees return to the office, then we should at the very least create an environment that’s actually conducive to doing work – and maybe even having fun,” says Chief Executive Officer Samu Hällfors at Framery. “There’s a real need to reinvent office culture.”


There are already many hilarious (downright baffling!) submissions on the campaign site. Entries at remain open worldwide until 31 October. 


Three submissions will each win a premium Framery One soundproof pod, ideal for quiet working and private teleconferencing in open offices. The winning three pointless office perks will also be donated to charity for better use.


Utterly pointless “office perks” from around the world:

Never used wall-bars Budapest, Hungary
Fancy fruit bowl Brisbane City, Australia
Mailroom punching bag Rotterdam, Netherlands
Hobby horses Brisbane, Australia
Bean bag that no one sits on Cape Town, South Africa
Prosthetic leg Frankston South, Australia
Baking supplies Chicago, USA
Tuna but without a can opener Chicago, USA
Folded-up exercise machine Spain
Box full of foam fingers Helsinki, Finland
Office DJ booth Cape Town, South Africa
Boxing opponent with sombrero Helsinki, Finland
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Kissmekatey's picture

I've heard of wine on tap and beer, but these are some really dumb perks. Then again, so is the pod. We need to have OFFICES again. Not open plan bullshit.

Robbotman's picture

I once worked at an agency that somehow crammed a pooltable into a small stair landing. That was nothing but in the way.

Dabitch's picture

That describes at least two ad offices that I've been in. 😂