Smells Like McDonald's

Amsterdam agency TBWA\Neboko made a McDonald's billboard that smells like fries. They collaborated with production company Raúl&Rigel to pull off this feat.

So basically they did a version of KFC's fried chicken perfume, but on a billboard. The ads were placed less than a 10th of a mile from McDonald's presumably so you wouldn't try to eat the billboard.

You know what is already a great advertisement for McDonald's french fries?


Don't believe me? Walk by one (especially in a city where there's foot traffics) and take a sniff. What's it smell like? That's right. Fries.

Score one for redundancy. But hey, they got press and created awareness about McDonald's french fries. Which is a good thing because I thought they'd stopped selling them.

But considering McDonald's had a less than stellar 4th quarter and stock dropped 6% and is facing inflation woes, any news is good news. But at least in America, lower-income families are choosing to cook their own meals rather than eat fast food which has gotten expensive--prohibitively so in places like California which has implemented a massive minimum wage increase to $20 an hour for almost all restaurants, with very few exceptions. For instance, if you were a classmate and donated to Governor Gavin Newsom's campaigns like the owner of Panera.

Ad agency: TBWA\Neboko

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