Smells Like McDonald's

Mcdonald's Australia brings back the American jingle: "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce...."

DDB Sydney are bringing back the fun McDonald's jingle where people basically sing the ingredients to a Big Mac.

Jersey Mike's "Wakey Wakey" (2024) :30 (USA)

Danny DeVito's back for a continuation of the “It’s a Jersey Mike’s Thing” campaign.

Good Times Director Michelle Pak Teams Up with TPN For Takis®’ Game Day Ad

Michelle Pak rallies fans to ‘Face The Intensity,’ Takis®’ in new commercial.

McDonald's - Stuck / Home Delivery - (2024) :60 (France)

Every really wanted som chicken nuggets, but too embarrassed to leave the house due to that stoplight red pimple?

Dunkin’ ‘The DunKings’ (2024) (USA)

Dunkin’ ‘The DunKings’ ft Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez, & Fat Joe

Carl's Jr crashes back into the Superbowl - with jets

Guess who's crashing the Super Bowl after a decade-long hiatus? Carl's Jr. is back, and this time they've got jets involved.

Carl's Jr - "Do's and Don'ts "leaked" training video (2024) (USA)

The leaked training videos from Carl's Jr explain how to handle Free Burger Day.

Carl's Jr - "Leaked" OFFICIAL TRAINING VIDEO / Operating the burger saver fan (2024)

The "leaked" training videos are all focused on the free burger day.

Carl's Jr - Customer devices training video (2024) (USA)

Carl's Jr's "leaked" training videos get sillier!

Carl's JR - LEAKED training video - BBQ Sauce (2024) (USA)

A big chunk of sillyness from Carl's JR, the leaked training videos!

Carl's Jr - Jets / Free Burger Day - The Big Game edit (2024) :30 (USA)

If you didn't know that Free Burger Day on Feb. 12, Carl's Jr is running this special edit during the Super Bowl.

JIF - "Celery Sorrows" (2024) :30 (USA)

Every year, millions of little celery bits are discarded, left uneaten and unloved. Americans devour 1 billion wings during the Super Bowl, but only 1

Nerds - Flashdance (2024) :30 (USA)

Another homage to “Flashdance” in the super bowl ads this year, I guess we miss the 80s?
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Lindt - Life is a Ball “Round and Round” (2024) :30 (USA)

To associate the round chocolates with joy, this commercial shows it bouncing around in happy moments set to the song “Round and Round” by Perry Como.

M&Ms - The Almost Champions Ring of Comfort (2024) :30 (USA)

Scarlett Johansen, Dan Marino, Bruce Smith and Terrell Owens make diamonds out of M&Ms

Popeyes - "the wait is over" / Ken Jeong (2024) :60 (USA)

Ken Jeong plays a man who cryogenically froze himself just to get more spicy chicken.

Uber Eats - Worth Remembering / Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer (2024) :60 (USA)

This year, our star-studded spot highlights that you can get almost, almost anything delivered with Uber Eats.

Pringles - Mr P - Chris Pratt's Mustache (2014) :30 (USA)

What happens when Chris Pratt grows a stache and suddenly looks like Mr. P?

Reese's Cups - Yes! (2023) :30 (USA)

Reese's Cups Big Game 2024 | Yes! :30

Doritos Dinamitas - Dina and Mita feat. Jenna Ortega and Danny Ramirez (2024) :60 (USA)

Doritos has revealed its Super Bowl ad aimed at Hispanic consumers, featuring actors Jenna Ortega and Danny Ramirez.

Drumstick - Dr. Umstick / Eric Andre (2024) :30 (USA)

Airing in the third quarter.

Dietz & Watson - Ushering in the Super Bowl campaign 4 x 30 (USA)

"At Dietz & Watson, we love to go all-in for game day, as our portfolio of products make a diverse and easy entertainment spread,” says Laure

Oreo - Twist on it / Imagine a world where the twist of an OREO could change everything (2023) 90x30 (USA)

Imagine a world where the twist of an OREO could change everything. Literally everything.

Hellman's - Kate McKinnon's Mayo Cat (2024) 30x60 (USA)

Kate McKinnon discovers that her cat can talk!

Uber Eats - David and Victoria Beckham "Be Honest" (2024) :35 (USA)

Super bowl teaser

Tesco Christmas - "Become more Christmas" (2023) 2:30 (UK)

Tesco Christmas advert 2023 - enthusiastic father tries to get son in the festive spirit

The Nonnas are in New York - Digitas x Ragu's Latest Work

Who better than old-school Italian nonnas to vouch for the taste of the newest savory, kettle-cooked sauce by the RAGÚ brand®?

BURGER KING in France launches anti-bullying campaign

After #Anti2010 and the Notifications activation, BURGER KING® is continuing to take a stand for the 3rd year in a row.

HAPPY A.I.LLOWEEN from Burger King, France

It's not just you who has noticed that artificial intelligence can generate some incredibly creepy images.

LIDL "Christmas With You" (2023) :90 (UK)

Christmas may vary from family to family - but one thing is true, all they want is to spend 'Christmas with you'.

New Uber One Campaign ft. Robert De Niro via Mother, Directed by O Positive's David Shane

Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield star in new Uber One campaign

Beanz Meanz Heinz - Too Good to Leave Behind - (2023) :60 (UK)

A man on vacation discovers that his suitcase has been left behind.

Morrisons 'Nightmare On Market Street' by Leo Burnett

This Halloween, Morrisons invites the nation to treat themselves to the perfect night in with the afterlife with its new Nightmare on Market Street Ch

Gaia Herbs - "The right way" (2023) :60 (USA)

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This wholesome McDonald's ad keeps going viral simply because it is wholesome.

This tweet has made the Twitterverse very angry, as all tweets do.

Bijan Mustardson puns around in his latest mustard spots

Have you noticed the recent trend of NFL players teaming up with condiment brands?

Next stop, Mcdonald's

The world's first McDonald's "fry-through"

Hamburgers may be the star dish at McDonald's (which is what a hamburger chain is for), but those who venture into its restaurants also love to f

Co-op - “Even a proper donut knows Members save more with Member Prices” (2023) (UK)

“Even a proper donut knows Members save more with Member Prices”

Makro - Serving suggestion stickers / Ripe fruit / Life Extending Stickers (2023) Colombia - case study

Opportunities that meet all the criteria of driving awareness and conversion, doing good - here wasting less food - and looking effortless are rare.

Impossible Foods - Summer of Impossible / Touchy (2023) :15 (USA)

"I'm a beef burger, so I taste like beef" "I'm impossible, and I also taste like beef." "Touchy"

Impossible foods launches national campaigns for plant based meat: "The summer of Impossible"

Impossible Foods Kicks Off Major Summer Marketing Effort With the Launch of Two New National Advertising Campaigns

Impossible Foods - Confused? / Summer of Impossible (2023) :30 (USA)

"Okay, wait, you're a plant?" "Oh I'm a plant." "You're not actual meat?" "Oh I'm meat!"

Kauppayhtiö, Pure Pizza - "When in Rome " - Finland

When in Rome, do as the romans.

Boston Pizza is Bringing Some ‘Pizzaz’ to Father’s Day Gifts

The “Za for Pa Father’s Day Gift Shop” features BP-themed Dad gifts, and a surprise that lets Dad eat for free

Impossible Foods - Jobs / Summer of Impossible (2023) :15 (USA)

Created to introduce consumers to Impossible™ products and the broader plant-based category, Impossible’s all-new ads will run throughout the summer

Kernel Season’s Is Popcorn’s Mischievous New BFF in Comedic Campaign from Familiar Creatures

America’s favorite popcorn seasoning debuts major national campaign “Just Add Interesting”

Butterkist has ingeniously transformed billboards into gigantic microwaves.

Butterkist has ingeniously transformed billboards into gigantic microwaves that emit a gratifying "ping" sound to promote their brand.
A still image from the La Dolce Velveeta campaign

Cut+Run Editor Jonnie Scarlet Embraces LDV (La Dolce Velveeta)

Agency Johannes Leonardo collaborated with director Andreas Nilsson and editor Jonnie Scarlet on the campaign

Marmite - is my baby a (Marmite) lover or a hater?

Expectant parents find out whether their unborn babies love or hate Marmite. Marmite, adam&eveDDB.

Barilla & Le Pub: Open Carbonara and Open Recipes

The world is becoming more multi-faceted and multi-cultural, so it seems only natural for food to do so as well.

Klondike is back wondering what you will do for it all over social media thanks to Portland Maine based Creative Agency, VIA

For decades, Klondike has been asking consumers what they would do for a Klondike, and they’ve done it – they’ve acted like primates, they’ve shaved e

AM:PM & HAVAS Tel Aviv presents: AI Delivery (2023) :60 (Israel)

This is pretty funny.

Barilla and Le Pub celebrate the premium Al Bronzo pasta range with a modern twist of a Disney classic

The pasta brand recreates the memorable Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene in honour of the legendary film studio’s 100th Anniversary.

McDonald's - “New colors” film & poster campaign (2023) :30 (France)

Innovation in the fast food market - colorful vegetable fries, with beetroots, parsnips and carrots!

KFC - Double Down, Double Double Down (2023) :30 (USA)

Seems like the weird snap-chat filter face style is high fashion right now, as the KFC double down ad here uses the look for a rap remix that's a

Tesco - Feel the power to lower prices with Tesco Clubcard (2023) :30 (UK)

When her Tesco clubcard is accepted and she scores discounts for being a Tesco regular.

Doritos and Burger King - Flame grilled billboard (2023) :30 (UK)

Teasing a potential collaboration, a Doritos billboard was seen up in flames outside a Burger King restaurant in Middleborough.
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Surreal cereal teases the UK with fake sports celebrity endorsement poster campaign

"We're Dwayne Johnson's favourite cereal"

Kellogg’s - Better Days Are Built on Breakfast / celebrating Kellogg’s 25-year anniversary of supporting breakfast clubs (2023) :30 (UK)

Better Days Are Built on Breakfast: Kellogg’s new film celebrates 25-year anniversary of supporting breakfast clubs 6 March 2023 – London, UK: Ke

Nando's UK - This must be the place (2023) :60 (UK)

Jonathan Entwistle, creator, and director of the Netflix hit series The End Of The F***ing World, directed this spot.

For International women's day Hershey's "Her for she" - where he is a she (2023) (Canada)

Here's a new twist on the Hershey's HER for SHE chocolate bars, her for she where he is a she.

Prime Video is celebrating the beautiful game of football with Ligue 1 Uber Eats Symphony

I just showed this offspring, who is just as big of a football fan as I am, and she exclaimed "DAMN, that was too good", and I completely ag
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McDonald’s - Own your McSpicy™ Face (2023) :30 (UK)

McDonald’s and Leo Burnett empower the nation to own their ‘McSpicy face’ in latest film for McSpicy product launch
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Burger King - God and the 4 elements (2023) :35 (Belgium)


McDonald's يلا ماكدونالدز؟ - Fancy a McDonalds? (2023) :60 (Qatar)

Do you remember McDonald's "Raiseyourarches" commercial?
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Dunkin’ - ‘Drive-Thru’ Outtakes Starring Ben Affleck - (2023) :60 (USA)

Ben Affleck was having fun when he took over at the Dunkin Donut drive-through in his old hometown, so much so that he ad-libbed a bunch of silly thin

M&M's - Ma&Ya's with Maya (2023) :30 (USA)

Maya Rudolph takes over M&M's and renames them Ma&Ya's in an utterly forgettable spot.

Petsmart Purina - Crossroads (2023) :30 (USA)

Purina Pro Plan helps fuel adventures with you and your pet.

Bush’s Beans - Go BIGGER (2023) :30 (USA)

Peyton Manning joins Duke and Jay Bush to open the world’s mind to the possibilities of beans

Bush’s Beans - Go Bigger (2023) :15 (USA)

Roll that beautiful bean footage!

Pizza Hut - World’s. Largest. Pizza. (2023) :30 (USA)

World's largest Pizza was a pre-game ad, right before kick-off.
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Dunkin' 'Drive-Thru' - Starring Ben Affleck (2023) :30 (USA)

Ben Affleck works at a Dunkin' Donut drive-through for the heck of it. Gets caught out by Jennifer Lopez.

McDonald's - Knowing their order (2023) :60 (USA)

It might be love if you know their McDonald’s order.

Dan-O's Seasoning - Yum Yum Get Ya Sum (2023) :15 (USA)

"Yum Yum get ya sum"

The Farmer's Dog - “Forever” (2023) :60 (USA)

For anyone who has had a loyal pet with them for years, grab the kleenex before watching this.
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Doordash "We Get Groceries" / Raekwon, Tiny Chef and Matty Matheson (2023) :30 (USA)

We Get Groceries - DoorDash Big Game Commercial


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