Stop Handgun Violence - We Sell Guns - print, USA

An enormous 252-foot billboard from Modernista! Boston, USA overlooking the Massachusetts Turnpike outside Fenway Park, shows a fake neon advertisement for American gun shows where people can buy weapons, no questions asked. Except, of course, in Massachusetts which already has some of the strictest arms sales regulations in the country - but don't tell that to Modernista!. Read more at

(and here you can see a slideshow of the other giant gun-themed posters have been on this site. I like "bullets leave holes".)

Lance Jensen, Gary Koepke : Executive Creative Director
Lahn Nguyen : Art Director
Madhu Kalyanaraman : Copywriter
Senior Designer: Michael Langone

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Ugh, please tell me that "The perfect shape" was something created by a fanboy, else I'll have to find myself a new favorite gun. Tackyyyyyy.

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Yeah, I rolled my eyes at that one too. It's bad, but I threw it in anyway. I was a bit burned out from viewing so many anti-gun ads. The "bullets leave holes" was the one I liked, at least it made me laugh. I don't think it was supposed too! ;)

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More Iver safe revolvers

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This old gem Iver Johnson Safe Revolver

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Oy vey! The one with the little girl and doll "Papa says it won't hurt us". My my, times were different weren't they?

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I can't remember which stand-up comedian said this...

"Guns don't kill people. Bullets kill people. The guns just help the bullets go fast. Imagine a bank robber coming in with a handful of bullets, saying give me all your money or I'll push these into your head."

Dabitch's picture

Hahahaha. I prefer Bill Hicks: from Relentless "Shit, Ian, that's a Spalding, he's serious! Hand over the pounds" - anything can be deadly man. ;)

backwrite's picture

Can you imagine putting "absolutely safe" and "accidental discharge impossible" on ANY ad these days? You sure won't see it in the next Trojan campaign.

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What about Viagra? I hear it's quite difficult (yes, I avoided the pun of hard) to, er, have any kind of discharge for at least 9 hours.

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I heard a comedian, who said that criminals in prison "think differently than most of us - You see a toothbrush, he sees a weapon. You see a pillow, he sees a..... Well, basically, everything looks like a weapon to him."

Guns, knives, spears, arrows, rocks, etc. all can kill. The thing about guns, is they make it very easy to do from a distance, at a high rate of speed, and difficult to stop it. Also, there are very easy to get, at least here in the USA.

TDD's picture

The thing about automobiles is they make it very easy to kill from a distance, at a high rate of speed, and are difficult to stop. Also, there are very easy to get, at least here in the USA.

I know, I know, but as long as I hear the same old arguements from one side, I'll repeat the same old arguments from the other side.

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Like I said (or actually quoted), basically criminal minds see everything as a weapon. (BTW, the accuracy with a car is often not as good as with a gun. - Also, cars are not as easily disposed of as a gun can be). :-)

I say register them all, and make it difficult to get (cars AND guns)!

Somebody else** said "Make the bullets cost $10,000.00 each, and you'll cut down on all killings." Some will still be done, but drive-bys and the "you're wearing the wrong color" kills will stop. It would be too expensive to have most gun battles!

[** might have been Chris Rock].

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Mental note: make a gun brand named Viagra, sell to people who don't want to shoot anything, just want to look hard.

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maybe they want to shoot something....

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