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Lalou & Joaquin Direct GOTV PSA for EducateUS, Urging Action on Local School Board Elections Nationwide

Aiming to get out the vote for school board elections across the U.S., underscoring EducateUS' mission of ensuring access to comprehensive public

Get therapy in a ride-sharing car with Heetch and BETC Paris "First Conversation"

Ride-hailing app tackles mental health in ambitious work with BETC Paris

Pro-bono campaign from JOAN creative delivers new branding for the Nia Centre: "Where Art Makes Culture"

Independent creative agency JOAN recently partnered with the Nia Centre, Canada's first professional multidisciplinary Black arts facility and ho

Sweet Rickey Director DeMane Davis Directs PETA Super Bowl PSA Starring Sopranos Star Edie Falco

Edited by EDITBAR’S Britt Bellamy, The Spot Highlights Animal Cruelty With Kidnapping Motif

NFL - MENTALGAME (2024) :30 (USA)


"He Gets us" - "Who is my neighbor?" (2024) :15 (USA)

The ad asks "Who is my neighbor?" and answers "the one you do not notice." Uh-oh, do I have stalkers nearby?

He Gets Us - Foot Washing (2024) :(USA)

Forgive an Art Directors immediate gut reaction to this, but as soon as I saw it on TV, I flashed back to discussions that I've had with other vi

Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS) - Silence (2024) :60 (USA)

In a significant move last month, the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS), led by Robert Kraft, revealed its plan to broadcast an ad during the u

Wunderman Thompson and Child Focus recall Coins of Hope

In 2016, Wunderman Thompson Benelux and Child Focus sent little Liam out into the world on 1 million 2-euro coins.

Camp Lucky’s Adam Littke Directs The Salvation Army’s spots, ‘Coach Dolly’ and ‘Lead In Video’, via agency LERMA/

The commercial premiered in October announcing that Dolly Parton would be the musical performer at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game that kicke

Short stories - White Ribbon. Speaks out against violence against the transgender communities

As a committed ally, White Ribbon releases Short Life Stories addressing violence against the transgender communities Over sixty per cent of C

‘Too Graphic’: TV Stations Block Tame PETA CGI Spot Aimed at Monkey Laboratories

PETA's controversial new ad series is hitting screens across the country, though the ads initially received a wave of rejections for being "

Sweden's banks get together to teach you how to be "hard to fool" - Svårlurad.

Sweden's banks have come out with an information campaign called "Svårlurad" - which means "hard to fool".

"Lusseballe" - Pressbyrån kiosks launch a very silly twist on the classic saffron bun, making it saffrons 'balls'

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in Sweden. Early detection can significantly increase the chances of recovery.

BURGER KING in France launches anti-bullying campaign

After #Anti2010 and the Notifications activation, BURGER KING® is continuing to take a stand for the 3rd year in a row.

Shelter - "Good As Gold" (2023) :90 (UK)

Good As Gold is a film that depicts the story of eight-year-old Maddy, portrayed by an actor, who exhibits exemplary behavior, helping others with the

The Salvation Army Delivers A Powerful Call To Action In “Silent Night” – A New PSA Edited by Camp Lucky’s Elizabeth M. Stewart For Agency LERMA/

Relatable to many, the Salvation Army's holiday campaign tugs at the heartstrings while encouraging viewers to register to donate and “bring some

Mother and VIBES create "release papers", smoking papers aimed to release incarcerated cannabis offenders.

Proceeds from sales are earmarked for the Last Prisoner Project.

Posters in the ‘Say Maaate to a mate’ integrated campaign from the Mayor of London and Ogilvy.

I mean look at them, these posters really stand out. We have a steamroller ‘maaate’, a sledgehammer ‘maaate’ and a two-ton weight ‘maaate’.

Planned parenthood billboard: "Virginity is a social construct"

Well, that's a surefire way to get attention.
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Venables Bell + Partners and Stop AAPI Hate Team Up to Launch “Invisible No More”

To honor Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month this May, VB+P collaborated with Stop AAPI Hate, a national coa

Toyota PSA - Kid driving failures (2023) Brazil

Listen up kids, drinking and driving is bad, Mmmkay?

Obra do Berço - Anny Meisler / The influencer apology (2023) :45 (Brazil)

You know the typical "apology" video that influencers and YouTubers have basically turned into its own genre?
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New campaign by Hard Work Club for Fast and Female aims to hype up equality in sport

Meet Ally Hoop, The Equal Pay Mascot for women in sports

New campaign by Hard Work Club for Fast and Female aims to hype up equality in sport A new mascot is making its debut heading into the first WNBA g

Director Fern Berresford Kicks Off Rakish Tenure With Women’s Fishing Spot

“Find Your Best Self on the Water” director Fern Berresford’s new spot for the non-profit Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation aka RBFF’s lates

Lucky Generals shines star power on work experience for Robert Peston’s Speakers for Schools charity

Everyone should have a work experience story, yet 66% of young people leave school without one

Ad industry wants to confront ultra-orthodox extremists in Israel - by creating an image of a man, made up from images of women

For more than a decade, more than 3000 women in Jerusalem have seen their images defaced on public billboards – their faces scratched out, spray paint

P3 Missionen - Human candle statues warn of youth burnout (2023) (Denmark)

44% of Danish youth are feeling burned out

ZIJkant - It's Handy to have a dick (2023) 2:00 (Belgium)

"Dick head, you're such a dick-head" - I don't know which is the best part here?

The Humanitarian Coalition and Performance Art Turn AI into an Anthem for Ukraine

One year after the war began in Ukraine, the Humanitarian Coalition is prompting the world to remember why Ukraine still needs our support by highligh

"Ukrainian Witness" has been fighting a cyber war since the day of the Russian invasion - on Wikipedia.

On February 24 2022, Russia invades Ukraine. Days after the first shock, Ukrainian Witness started to fight back digitally.

Within 1KM, Someone is Being Lured into Sex Trafficking

The Joy Smith Foundation and Diamond launch national awareness campaign “See The Trafficking Signs”

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) - No One is Left Behind (2023) (Canada)

CAMH Wants to Ensure No One is Left Behind New brand platform puts a stake in the ground against the backdrop of a growing mental health crisis.

Wunderman Thompson and Child Focus outplay online groomers

Playgrounds don’t only exist physically anymore.

Casey House releases Others, a horror film created to help smash HIV stigma

A cinematic short film, starring the first HIV+ actor to play someone with HIV, is part of the ongoing “Smash Stigma” Campaign

Christmas lights for 24 murdered women - Alla Kvinnors Hus (All Woman’s House)

In this year's Christmas campaign Sweden's largest women's shelter – Alla Kvinnors Hus (All Woman’s House) – sheds new light on the dea

Reporters without borders: “Against propaganda, there are facts”

Reporters Without Borders releases its new global campaign video: INFORMATION WARFARE

White Ribbon PSA: The anxieties of raising a daughter - "I knew all along" (2022) :90 (Canada)

White Ribbon's “I Knew All Along” addresses the anxieties of raising a daughter 70% of Canadians are anxious about raising daughters due to chal

Freedom United - FIFA World Cup Qatar - "Those Who Fell"

Freedom United is the world’s largest anti-slavery community, and on their Instagram they are changing the meaning of every fall in the 2022 Qatar Fif

NAAMAT - The Future of Your Children? (2022) Israel

November 25  is the  International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and on that day this ad was released in Israel. 

World Children's Day - Count the missing 18.000+ children / Hide and seek (2022) (Belgium)

More than 18,000 children on the move have fallen under the radar in two years Sunday, November 20 is World Children’s Day.

"timeTo" re-releases its uncomfortable-to-watch Christmas party film - bringing sexual harassment to light during the party season

Ahead of the first true post-Covid Christmas party season, timeTo and Lucky Generals have relaunched a hard-hitting and uncomfortable short film askin

timeTO - ‘Where do you draw the line?’ / Christmas party (2022) (UK)

What starts off as a bubbly Christmas party with colleagues sharing a laugh quickly turns uncomfortable as a third colleague arrives.

Lucky Generals and Stonewall reunite to “Lace up to keep it up” with rainbow laces

Nine years after launching Rainbow Laces to make sport more inclusive, Lucky Generals is back with a new campaign

The Iranian American Women Foundation (IAWF) launch billboard campaign to raise awareness and visibility regarding Mahsa Amin & #womenlifefreedom

At the recently sold-out Iranian American Women Foundation (IAWF)'s conference that took place in San Francisco on October 16, 2022, in dedicatio

MINDCRAFT - A game-based dyslexia assessment in disguise

A game-based dyslexia assessment in disguise designed for young people Using Minecraft to transform the learning experience

UN Women Australia "When will she be right?" - case study

A case study for the UN Women Australia "When will she be right?" advert.

Addressing The Creeping Problem of Hunger: Food Banks Canada “Starve the Hunger” (2022)

With food insecurity and hunger at an all-time high, The Local Collective’s new “Starve the Hunger” campaign for Food Banks Canada puts the issue top-

“Except for Me” - Jerome (2022) (USA)

“If you call eleven cents or fifteen cents an hour, paid, we're fooling ourselves.”

“Except for Me” - Jose (2022) (USA)

“I had no idea that there was an exemption clause to the thirteenth amendment.”

“Except for Me” - Britt (2022) (USA)

“America would have to make a different choice. To choose to care about peoples' humanity versus profit.”

“Except for Me” - Johnny (2022) (USA)

“Slavery never ended. It eveolved. It changed.”

“Except for Me” - Richard (2022) (USA)

“I would work a day for a stamp.”

“Except for Me” - Andrew (2022) (USA)

“When I was convicted and sent to prison, the judge said I was sentenced to hard labor. I was sentenced to a system that is akin to slavery.”

“Except for Me” - James (2022) (USA)

“Our country was built on the backs of free labor and is continuously built on the backs of free labor.”

“Except for Me” - Dyjuan (2022) (USA)

“Prison slavery is dehumanizing it is devaluing it extends a long and pernicious history of how especially black and brown people have been treated an

“Except for Me” - Saleem (2022) (USA)

“I thought that slavery... That Lincoln freed the slaves, right?” See article: The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Except for me.

“Except for Me” - Armand (2022) (USA)

“Where else can you make somebody work for free -and if they don't work, you can lock them up, or you can even beat them up!” See article: The

“Except for Me” - Serena (2022) (USA)

“Being in prison strips away every single sense of humanity that you hold dear.” See article: The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Except for me.

“Except for Me” - Kenyatta (2022) (USA)

“Before I was incarcerated, I knew about the thirteenth amendment's “Exception” when it came to slavery, but I didn't think of it as a real

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Except for me. Multimedia Campaign For Non-Profit Worth Rises Calls For The End Of The Exception Of The 13th Amendment

Worth Rises is a non-profit advocacy organization founded by Bianca Tylek that is dedicated to dismantling the prison industry and ending the exploita

'Extinct Ink' - What if your next tattoo could create a forever lasting impact?

Sea Shepherd presents: 'Extinct Ink'

Fridays For Future / Greta Thunberg unveils "I Love You California" for Global Climate Strike

​For the upcoming GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE on September 23, Fridays For Future U.S., the movement inspired by Greta Thunberg, launches a new film highlig
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German Cancer Aid makes the world’s first UV warning beach flag

Berlin creative agency Heimat has worked with German Cancer Aid to create the world's first Sun Warning Flag - a dedicated flag and warning syste

Change The Ref have created a mobile "NRA Children’s Museum" - a convoy of schools buses

Change The Ref, a gun control and anti-gun violence advocacy organization are rolling out the NRA Children’s Museum, a mile-long convoy of schools bus
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Pressbyrån runs print ad with all teh letrets srcabmled up to amke a point about reading skills.

Pressbyrån in Sweden, a place to pick up magazines, newspapers and snacks ran this ad in a few Swedish tabloids 

Amnesty - The land of the unfree / “You’re Not Free” Challenging US Supreme Court Abortion Decision (2022) 1:30 (Norway)

Amnesty International is launching a global campaign
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National Audubon Society with Pattie Gonia "Birds Tell Us: The Song of the Meadowlark" (2022) 2:00 (USA)

For Pride Month, Audubon partnered with drag queen and intersectional environmentalist Pattie Gonia, to bring you Birds Tell Us: The Song of the Meado

timeTo highlights the fear of sexual harassment at this year’s Cannes festival in new ad campaign

timeTo highlights the fear of sexual harassment at this year’s Cannes festival in hard hitting ad campaign… ……And calls for senior a

Arrels Fundació #VISIBLE Case Study / Making the invisible homeless visible - (2022) 2:00 (Spain)

Remember when Sherpa, Barcelona, made the invisible homeless people very visible? 

Sherpa, Barcelona : "Homeless people are invisible until you stop looking the other way" Solution: Make them look.

#Visible is the Arrels Fundació campaign, consisting of 13 pieces of urban art, where the homeless people have been given visibility and citizens have


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