ONE RED RIBBON - A guerrilla project to raise Aids awareness (2014) 1:40 (Israel)

Monday the 1'st of December was World Aids Day. This guerrilla project took place Sunday night.

Forget banner hijacking, now we have "likejacking"

Anti AIDS - But when other people ride it... beware! - poster, 1997

A very 90s looking poster, the message is anti promiscuity

AIDS - erase it - use a rubber - (1993) :20 (Scotland)

ERASE IT! Use a rubber!

Aids poster - Cross - printad, Hungary, 1990

Keep it simple

AIDS Orange County Center for Health "Don't forget…". (1989) printad

Reprising the caring mother again, Orange County Center for Health reminds you to bring your rubbers.

STOP AIDS - "He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me." (1988) poster

"To love someone is to protect them. Condoms do. They keep love alive. And lovers too. Use condoms.

Vermont State Department of Health AIDS - Don’t forget your rubbers, poster 1987

Vermont State Department of Health - Division of Epidemiology

AIDS Project Los Angeles - "Some people think you can get AIDS from a glass" (1986) poster

Yes, people really did think you could get aids from touching things back in the 1980s.

Some people think you can catch AIDS from a handshake (1985) printad

Back in 1985 some people really did believe that you could get AIDS from a handshake.

AIDS New York - Don’t die of embarrassment - If you think you can’t get it, you’re dead wrong. - printad 1985

Don’t die of embarrassment. Yes, it could be embarrassing to ask a man to wear a condom, especially if you Don’t know him very well. But that’s

L.A. CARES AIDS poster "Keep it clean" 1984, USA

Poltergeist actress Zelda Rubinstein is in the role of a caring mother who apparently can just walk into her son's bathroom while he's showi
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