Kruger Products and Broken Heart Love Affair Unleash the Scotties®’

Scotties, Canada’s top facial tissue, and creative shop Broken Heart Love Affair have unleashed a new campaign, which will mark the first brand campai
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TurboTax - Spreading tax experts across the land (2021) :45 (USA)

Turbotax is sending out all of their Tax experts, who are simply talking heads in laptops on desks that can move by themselves.

VAHINÉ - Halfppy BDAY Half Birthday candles - celebrate your half years (2020) (France)

Children have always told us that half years are also important to them. And yet, until now there was no way to really celebrate it.

Heineken - "Back To The Bars. Night Out" (2020) :30 (Italy)

In this fun little ad, Heineken welcomes us back out to the bars and clubs, even though things may have changed quite a bit.

SAS - What is truly Scandinavian? Nothing (2020) 2:42 (Denmark)

‘What is truly Scandinavian? And the answer is: absolutely nothing. ‘Our democracy? Credit goes to Greece. Parental leave? Thank you, Switzerland!’

Asthma Foundation - Birthday - (2008) :30 (Australia)

Netflix - Grandmas birthday - 2004 0:30 (USA)

She's so excited about the film, she pushes grandma into the cake. 

Chips Ahoy - Birthday party - (2003) 0:15 (USA)

cannibalistic animated characters? oh dear...

Sitram - Birthday (1995) (France)

The same couple as in the wedding, except now it's her birthday, and she does not appreciate the gift.
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Isuzu Rodeo - Birthday Cake (1994) - 0:30 (USA)

MasterCard - Master the Moment (1990) - 0:30 (USA)

Coors Extra - Birthday Wish (1990) - 0:30 (USA)

Pepsi - Madonna "Make a wish" a generation ahead (1989) 2:00 (USA)

Madonna is watching old home movies of herself as a child, then she's in the old home movie, and at the end of what is basically an alternative m

HSB - Baby bed / Spjälsängen (1985) :30 (Sweden)

Parents prepare a nice little birthday party, singing with the cake all the way through the hallway until they reach their child's room. 
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