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Formerly bullied kids bully the Comviq ad off the air.

Daft ad film "ban" of the week, Comviq has decided to withdraw their new film "Choir" because viewers have taken offense at what t
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Comviq Kompis - Kör / "Thanks for..." choir - (2010)

A man eats lunch alone, as a woman comes up and begins singing. "Here you are, eating lunch alone but if you had Comviq Kompis ..You could ha

Friends - Words - (2008) :60 (Sweden)

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words.. They can hurt...

Nickelodeon / Nick - Helpful Hints for Humans - Bully - 1 (2007) :30 (USA)

....Or, bring pet gorilla to school. Let nature take its course.
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