PETA "Redemption" (2018) 1:40 (USA)


The Catholic Vote - Not Alone - (2015) 2:40 (USA)

Once upon a time in America, they thought that Kennedy might not make it to the White House because he was a catholic.

"We Believe in Salivation" (almost) kissing priests Antonio Federici ad banned.

It's only been a month since the pregnant nun munching on ice-cream was pulled, now the latest Antonio Federici meets the banhammer.
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Pregnant nun munching on ice-cream offends Catholics

It's been probably six months since the last advertising offense toward Catholics, but we're at it again reports AP.
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Levy's Rye: You don't have to be Jewish - 1964

These ads would totally not run today, like ever. But disregarding that, the idea is so simple it's kind of crazy how simple it is.
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