IRL Trashcan, the contactless email destroyer (2022) 2:00 (France)

Soixante Circuits and BETC introduce IRL Trashcan: a physical bin that raises awareness about the impact of digital waste

Greenweez - "The Community" (2021) :60 (France)

This is so refreshingly hilarious!

The UNLESS Biodegradable Hoodie - Born to Die (2022) :60 (USA)

Portland-based branding/design firm INDUSTRY has worked with some of the biggest names in Gen-Z/Millenial-targeted fashion, including Nike, Converse,

Red Mundial de Oración del Papa / TPV 9 2021 An environmentally sustainable lifestyle

The pope: "we will all make courageous choices for a sober and eco-sustainable lifestyle, rejoicing for the young people who are resolutely commi

Goose droppings in beer brewing – this Finnish city takes sustainability communications to the next level

This summer Finns can drink beer brewed with wild herbs, food waste and even goose poop.

Fat Tire Shaming: New Belgium's downer tactic for climate change

August 7th was International Beer Day, yet another made up holiday designed specifically for brands to capitalize on their social media and PR channel
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Veloz "Kicking Gas" 3:38 (2019) (USA)

Arnold goes under cover to sell people gas cars instead of electricity in a new campaign from Russo Brother's founded shop Superconductor.

TeenVoice encourages people to take a stand against climate change

For some, the withdrawal from the Paris Accord by the United States has dimmed the prospects of tackling climate change. Many are worried that the pro

Pacific Wild "Teddy Bears' Picnic" (2017) :42 (Canada)

Norte Beer - The Best Excuse in the world - (2011)

Cerveza Norte take helping their customers go to the bar seriously, mate.

Miljöpartiet - Val 2010 / Doing something green / Swedish Election ad

As I told readers of brandflakes, political commercials aren't as widespread around these parts as they are in the US.

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

Have you been seeing these little things in the footer of emails recently too?

Fucking for forests

Two Norwegian environment-activists have started a website aimed to save the rainforests.
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