The National Lottery - Pockets / The Couple (2023) :90 (UK)

A young man meets another young man's eye at the local pub, where everyone had played the lottery and waiting for the numbers to be read on TV.

AD STARS 2022 Introduces it's Final Jury

- Brian Murray, who led Dove’s ‘Courage is Beautiful’ campaign, participate in the final judge - The follow-up announcement relating to the compositi

Hint water - Pie eating contest (2020) :30 (USA)

Hint water has more flavour than the pies.

Virgin Mobile - Happy Accidents - (2012) :60 (USA)

Heineken - Open Source Stage - (2010) - Finland

"Heineken is the sponsor of Flow Festival 2011.

Kiwi - Festival - (2009) :30 (Norway)

Ah, waking up after a night in a tent spent at the outskirts of a summer music festival.... And meeting your future.
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Clash in action

Rock and Fish - ambient photo op stands - Norway

Tank Design had some fun doing this for the client "Eksportutvalget For Fisk" (the wikipedia calls them world largest common cause advertisi

RESFEST 2005: Keep it Curious

RESFEST- an annual global film festival and multi-media event - launches a global multi-media ad campaign encouraging creative people, to continue to
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