PMU - The Calling (2019) :60 (France)

On April 26, the PMU unveiled its new brand platform through a large multi-media institutional campaign (TV, display, display and digital). The brand

Kronenbourg 1664 - Madness / Baggy Trousers - (2011) 2:00 (UK)

Madness join the 'Slow the Pace' campaign with a new slow arrangement of Baggy Trousers.

Renault Clio - Nicole et Papa / Sneaking out for a date (1994) (UK)

Nicole (Estelle Skornik) sneaks out for a date, and papa doesn't mind because he has a second Renault Clio and he's going to get his date

Eggs - Tony Hancock in France (1962) :30 (UK)

Tony Hancock goes on holiday and starves himself because he believes that the French don't eat eggs for breakfast. Silly Tony!
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