Interracial Couple In A Cheerios Ad pokes fun at advertisings incessant need for checking all the inclusivity boxes

You may have already seen the ad-industry viral "Inclusive Musical's" first song that mocks our ad industry
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Central App - Dear Valued Customer​ / Come as you are (1:17) Thailand (2022)

The Central Department store in Thailand has an app, and this is how they asked their valued customers to use it.

Jarlsberg - Smaken sitter i hålen


Bad news, adgrunts. We're obsolete.

Coca Cola Light - Chirimbols Corny Moment (2007) :30 (Argentina)

As soon as they take a sip, the corny moment begins. With singing hearts, rainbows, and horses.
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Pepsi - Buddy Burger (1996) :30 (USA)

A hungry man drives up to the Buddy Burger order speaker box at the drive-through and has the hardest time getting his order right.

Fazer Dumle - "Barnsligt gott" / Childishly good (1992) 75 (Sweden)

A series of very childish things done by grownups, because dumle is childishly good.

Hamlet - Photobooth (1988) :60 (UK)

A man tries to get his picture taken in the photobooth, but mistimes the flash every time, ruining every shot.
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